Avoid making a flimsy, flaky first impression and make an exceptional one. Command attention with your Double Thick Business Cards.

You can achieve Double Thick business cards by opting for a premium stock—we carry 100% Cotton as well as an innumerable selection of papers in silky, suede, matte, or glossy finishes in nearly every color under the sun.  Ask our NYC Print Shop experts about any of our lush papers with a weightier width.

Another method for creating Extra Thick cards is the Duplex or Triplex process: gluing more sheets of paper stock to the card to create an ultra plush effect. Duplexing also comes in handy for your embossed or deep impression printing–the extra paper will mask the mirror image of your design that results on the opposite side of the business card. By Duplexing your business cards, you stand to save some some pocket change and the planet by going green: choose recycled Kraft paper as the base foundation and thicken your business cards by adding a luxurious cover to either side. Finish off the Double Thick print run with edge gilding or edge paint to ensure the card looks like one seamless, extra thick block of paper.

Whatever custom options you select, you can count on Duplexed, Double Thick business cards to stand sturdy above the rest.

Double Thick Business Cards | Offset + Rose Gold Foil Stamp

Double Thick Printing | Blind Emboss on 100% Cotton

Extra Thick Business Cards | Extra Thick Cotton + Black Letterpress

Double Thick Business Cards | Premium Colored Paper + Edge Paint

Plush Business Cards | Deep Impression Black Letterpress

Thick Printing | Gold Foil + Black Spot Gloss

Extra Thick Business Cards | Foil Stamp + Foil Edge On Black Paper Stock

Thick Business Cards | Color + Spot Color + Edge Paint

Double Thick Business Cards | Offset + Edge Paint

Extra Thick Garment Tags | Color + DieCut + Drill