Spot UV Gloss printing is a catch-all term for the multiple different ways to print using gloss and texture effects. Most Spot UV requests are for High Gloss, but texturing effects can also be matte, textured and even Soft Touch.  Usually spot gloss effects are part of a larger print job, creating areas of emphasis that catch the light differently than the base layer. Though we will admit to offering tone-on-tone spot gloss projects which are hard to read but unforgettable once seen!


On the scale of high-glossiness for maximum impact, we rate Spot Gloss Raised UV as being the ultimate glossy coating, so glossy that it is raised off the surface of the paper. Second, but not less stunning: Clear Gloss Foil Stamping, which is very high gloss and is pressed into the paper (also offered in Holographic Clear Foil!). Publicide offers both Spot Gloss Raised UV and Clear Gloss Foil Stamping with some important limitations. Spot Gloss Raised UV only works with coated or laminated surfaces while Clear Gloss Foil Stamps go over anything—both processes have different uses, depending on project size and efficiency needs. Send over a file or description and we can make a recommendation for the best gloss effect.

Beyond the two outliers above, there are many more variations of Gloss Printing including flat Spot Gloss UV, Spot Gloss Varnishing, Digital Sleeking and varnish texturing effects. Generally, spot gloss coatings highlight a logo or graphic, setting certain elements apart with a lustrous, high-gloss shine on an otherwise matte surround. Gloss Printing & Finishing can coat a portion or even the entire surface of a print project, though laminates are generally more effective for coating entire surfaces.

Spot UV Gloss is best suited to brochures, postcards, mailings and larger items, while Clear Gloss Foil is perfect for hangtags, business cards and smaller format specialty print projects. For custom printing with the high-gloss high-shine dazzle of Spot Gloss Printing in New York City, Publicide commands the machines that make it happen.

  • Green Foil + Spot Gloss Print

  • Raised Embossing Black Paper Spot Gloss

  • Double Thick Business Cards | Color + Spot Color + Edge Paint

  • Glossy Pressed Circle Print

  • Custom Perfect Bound Book | Spot Gloss Foils + Soft Touch Matte Cover Stock

  • Envelope | Custom Hi Gloss UV Print

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  • Die Cut Stickers + Labels with Spot UV Gloss

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  • Business Card | Black Paper + White Text + Spot UV Gloss


Pricing for spot gloss is based on quantity, paper type and the number of processes that will be used. More elaborate print specs cost considerably more than standard orders, so it’s important to get a quote before proceeding. Production time varies with order complexity and our seasonal workload but our elastic schedule allows for very fast rush prints when required, though rush charges apply. Turnaround time begins from the date of PDF proof approval. If your print job has a hard due-date please let us know when making your request. Email us with your design file or specs to receive a custom quote. All projects must have a custom quote number to proceed. We offer scheduled meetings at our NYC Print Shop but prefer to send preliminary pricing before scheduling so that we can all start off on the same page. 


Some specs are available for rush printing service. To inquire about a rush job, please email artwork, print specifications and desired completion date ASAP to If we’re able to accommodate your schedule we will reply with pricing and additional costs for the rush. Rush printing is one of our specialties but please be aware that every moment counts in a rush print schedule. Some jobs will require additional shifts to rush so the price is significantly higher than jobs on a regular schedule.