• Business Card | Black Paper + White Text + Spot UV Gloss

  • Business Card | White Ink Letterpress + Thick Cotton Paper


Spot UV Coating is frequently requested for many types of print jobs. When customers ask for Spot UV coating, or simply “UV,” what they’re typically asking for is the shiny, glossy look rather than ultraviolet processing. In general, the Spot UV coating is meant to highlight a logo or graphic, setting certain elements apart with a lustrous, high-gloss shine on an otherwise matte surround. Gloss Printing & Finishing can be applied to a portion or even the entire surface of a printed object.

For most people, “Spot UV coating” is a reference term for a certain effect — however, it’s usually only applicable to a very specific kind of mass-scale, industrial printing. At Publicide, many of the print jobs we produce are scaled to a personal level rather than massive productions (although we do those too). The request for Spot UV coating typically pertains to a desire for something special to be added to a print job: a touch of gloss, a hard-enamel lacquer look applied over a color. The effect of Spot Gloss printing is strong enough to make an impression on itself alone. Consider having UV Spot Gloss treatments applied onto the bare paper itself for a tone-on-tone, gloss-over-matte look.

The look of Spot UV Coating can still be achieved through other methods. For instance, clear gloss foil stamps yield a similar (even superior) shiny surface. The luster is deeper, the shine reachers a higher level of high-gloss. Gloss, semi-gloss, velvet varnish, or satin clear lamination also simulates Spot UV coating as a total-coating over a paper surface (again, only better). For high-end printing with the high-gloss high-shine dazzle of spot UV coating in New York City, Publicide has the techniques to make it all happen.


Spot UV + Spot Gloss Printing is available for rush service in less than 7 working days. Due to the materials and setup required for embossed and debossed business cards, it is difficult to produce them in less than 5 working days. To inquire about a rush job, please email artwork, specs and desired completion date ASAP to rush@publicide.com. If we’re able to accommodate your schedule we will reply with pricing and additional costs for the rush.