• Event Invitation | Full Color Digital Printing + Gold Foil Stamp

    full color, cmyk, gold, foil, stamp, invitation, printing, nyc
  • Book | Custom Letterpress Debossed Pattern + Foil Stamp

  • Custom Brochure | Foil Stamped Cover + Fold Out Map

  • Book | Foil Stamp Logo + Saddle Stitch Binding

  • Pocket Folder | Gold Foil Stamp + Black Paper

    gold, logo, stamp, metallic, presentation, folder, print shop, new york city, printing, custom
  • Business Card | Silver Foil Logo + Blue Paper

    Foil, stamping, printing, silver, ink, business card, new york city
  • Event Invitation | White Foil + Thick Gray Paper

    foil, stamping, thick, letterpress, event, invitation, print, printing, nyc
  • Notecard | Foil Stamp + Color Paper

    custom, printing, foil, stamp, design, print, notecard
  • Business Card | Foil Stamp + Thick White Paper

    Foil, stamp, logo, printing, new york city
  • Notecard | Foil Stamp + White Paper

    foil, stamped, design, custom, notecard, printing
  • Event Invitation | Foil Stamp + Deboss

    bronze, foil, stamped, debossed, invitation, nyc, print shop
  • Hang Tag | Red Foil Logo + Emboss

    red, foil, stamped, embossed, custom, hang tag, nyc
  • Notecard | Foil Stamp + White Paper

    foil, stamp, letterpress, notecards, print, design, new york city
  • Event Invitation | Metallic Foil Stamp

    cmyk, full color, metallic, foil, stamp, invitation, print, new york
  • Business Card | Gold Foil Logo + Smooth Matte Paper

    matte, shiny, foil, logo, stamp, printing, nyc
  • Business Card | Foil Stamp Design + Black Paper

    Gold, foil, black, card, design, stamp, logo, business card, nyc
  • Business Card | Bright Red Foil + Kraft Paper

    red, foil, kraft, business card, stamp, ink, printing
  • Event Invitation | Silver Foil Stamp + Offset Printing

    metallic, ink, silver, foil, stamp, offset, letterpress, invitation, printing, nyc
  • Notecard | Pink + Gold Foil Design + White Paper

    gold, foil, stamp, letterpress, card, business, custom, printing, nyc
  • Business Card | Silver Foil Logo + Black Paper

    silver, logo, foil, black, business card, design, print
  • Business Card | Black & White Foil Stamp + Black Paper

    black busniess card, foil, stamp, logo, thick, design, nyc
  • Business Card | Black Foil + Embossed Text

    black, foil, stamp, embossed, text, glossy, business card, nyc
  • Business Card | Red Foil Stamp + Black Paper

    color, opaque, foil, ink, black, business card, logo, nyc
  • Notecard | White Foil + Black Paper

    black, paper, white, text, opaque, ink, foils, stamped, new york
  • Pocket Folder | Clear Gloss Foil + White Paper

    foil, stamp, gloss, matte, brand, clear, folder, printing, nyc
  • Wedding Invitation | Blue Foil + Emboss + Black Paper

    foil, stamp, embossed, letterpress, wedding, invitation, printing
  • Event Invitation | Metallic Foil + Custom Deboss

    metallic, foil, stamp, deboss, invitation, print shop, new york
  • Black Business Cards | Gold Foil Stamp + Diecut

    black, offset, business card, foil, stamped, gold, metallic, printer, nyc
  • Business Card | Blue Paper + Silver Foil Stamping + Letterpress

    foil, stamp, metallic, ink, printing, logo, silver, print shop, new york city
  • Business Card | Metallic Foil Stamp + Edge Gilding

    metallic, ink, printing, foil, stamp, thick, business, card, edge, gilding, stamp
  • Business Card | Thick Black Paper + Gold Foil Stamped Logo + Die Cut Corners

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  • Gold Foil Logo + Matte Red Paper | Business Card

    gold, logo, graphics, foil, metallic, printing, business card, matte, new york city
  • Business Card | Copper Foil Stamp + Gray Paper

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  • Wedding Invitation | Full Color CMYK Printing + Gold Foil Stamp

    wedding, invitation, custom, printing, gold, foil, metallic, stamp, new york city
  • Business Card | Silver Foil Stamping

    foil, stamp, stamping, thick, card, printer, print shop, new york city,
  • Business Cards | Soft Pink Paper + Gold Foil Stamp + Gold Edge Painting

    metallic, gold, foil, ink, graphics,business card, printing, print shop, new york city
  • Holiday Card | Gold Foil Stamped Text + Black Paper

    gold, foil, stamp, black, paper, card, printer, nyc, holiday, event, metallic, ink
  • Business Card | Metallic Foil Stamp + Black Paper

    metallic, foil, stamp, black, business card, printer, printing, new york city
  • Business Card | Copper Foil Stamp + Natural Brown Paper

    metallic, shiny, copper, stamp, kraft, paper, business, card, new york city
  • Business Card | Holographic Metallic Foil Stamp Design + Black Paper

    holographic, metallic, ink, silver, foil, black, paper, new york city, print shop
  • Business Card | Metallic Gold Foil Stamp + White Paper

    business card, metallic, gold, foil, thick, paper, printing, letterpress, nyc
  • Business Card | White Paper + Gold Foil Stamp Text + Design

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  • Business Card | White Paper + Gold Foil Stamping

  • Business Card | Purple Paper + Gold Foil Stamped Logo

  • Business Card | White Paper + Gold foil Stamping

  • Business Card | Letterpress + Foil Stamp + Diecut Round Corners

  • Business Cards | Cotton Paper + Silver Foil Stamp + Letterpress Deboss

  • Holiday Card | Red Foil Stamping + Green Edge Painting

  • Business Card | Black Paper + Silver Foil Stamping

  • Pocket Folder | White Foil Logo Stamp + Blue Paper

  • Pocket Folder | Matte Black Paper + Foil Printing

  • Business Card | Red Foil Stamping

  • Event Invitation | Foil Stamping

  • Holiday Card | Silver Metallic Foil Stamped Design

  • Holiday Card | Silver Foil Stamped Design

  • Business Card | White Foil Stamped Logo

  • Holiday Card | White Foil Stamping

  • Business Card | Metallic Gold Foil Stamped Logo

  • Event Invitation | Metallic Pink Foil Stamping

  • Business Card | White Paper + Silver foil Stamped Logo

  • Business Card | Foil Stamp + Colored Paper

  • Pocket Folder | Foil Stamp + Vibrant Pink Paper


Foil stamping is a special method of printing with opaque and textural qualities that make an absolutely dazzling, versatile print worthy of saving. A foil stamp is an opaque laminate that is slightly indented into the paper. This makes the technique an ideal solution for printing glamorously metallic elements onto colored paper. Unlike Pantone ink printing, white lettering on black stock is not only possible with foil stamping, but dimensional as well.

The laminate properties of hot foiling allow for shiny metallic gold or light-catching subtle gloss printing on color paper stock, something that matte light-absorbing ink cannot do. Use a foil stamp to add memorable shine and reflective dimension to a business card logo, and add a matching foil finish to the edge (also called edge gilding) for truly regal results.

Stamp with black foil on black paper stock or choose a clear gloss foil on white paper stock for a minimal and contemporary tone-on-tone look. Invites, promotional materials, holiday cards–the sky’s the limit on the kinds of print materials that are perfect for foil stamping.