Specialty Printing Hang Tags


Publicide Inc’s specialty printing hang tags department is popping off this fall. In preparation for New York Fashion Week, designers, marketers and big brand fashion houses are finalizing production and that includes hang tags for clothing, bags, accessories and much more.

Clean and Flirty

Specialty printing for hang tags in NYC

Beige Linder Hangtags -Custom Mix Beige Ink With Copper Foil Stamp with Kraft String

     NYC is looking forward to ERR;OR’s Spring/Summer 2019 capsule collection thematically driven by destruction, surveillance, and universality. While Jenny Yoo’s 2019 spring collection of bridal dresses will radiate soft glamour in luxury fabrics that are impeccably tailored, dramatically sculpted, clean and flirty. Hang tags intend to be a kind of robust summary of a fashion collection’s story. Hang tags are not simply for pricing but should present a textural narrative that mirrors the intent of a designers vision and captures the imagination of the viewer.

Textural Narrative

Letterpress hang tag printing New York City

Heike Hangtags – Letterpress Dark Blue On Thick 100% Cotton Paper With Gold String

Hang tags are a specialty at Publicide Inc. We are mindful when collaborating to choose the exact match of a paper’s color to a collection. We are thrilled to find the right process to exemplify the brand’s presentation whether that process is foil stamping, letterpress printing or sleek offset digital.




Hang tags specialty printing NYC

White Gloss Foil on 200# Colorplan Paper in Mid Green With Drilled Hole


Hang tags are jewel box-like bit of printing and can be customized in so many different ways. White gloss foil on paper with a raw finish is nature refined. While dark blue ink letterpressed onto thick cotton paper is sleek and bold. A copper foil stamp with matching thread strung through the drilled hole of a hang tag can give an ethereal, earthy minerality to an otherwise synthetic clothing collection.


Raw Finish Nature Refined

White Gloss Foil on 172# Grocer Kraft, Raw Finish Paper. Diecut Small Size With Hole Punch


As demonstrated here there are so many ways to personalize hang tags; sizing, choosing processes and selecting paper. Publicide Inc.’s specialty printing department will be on board with your project to customize a perfect hang tag.