Publicide Inc. has a Specialty printing department that focuses on many processes including edge gilding. Edge gilding has been the artisanal darling of the bespoke printing industry for centuries. At Publicide Inc. our shimmer seekers sift through a myriad of foil colors to hammer out rough edges to display corporate invites, business cards with an eye-catching glow that asserts luxury. Silver, bronze and any other jewel tones can be foiled but gold is the metal.


Copper foil edged business card printing nyc

130# Strathmore Cover, Ultimate White Wove. Die-cut Round Corners. Copper Edge Gilding




Egyptian artisans used various techniques to apply very thin coatings of gold to solid surfaces such as stone, metal, and porcelain. Some of the first mentions of gold-leafing (a more modern form of gilding) appear in Homer’s Odyssey while gold-leafing on wood is displayed on The Ram In A Thicket excavated in Ur, a Sumerian city-state of ancient Mesopotamia. Fertile indeed.


Specialty printing letterpress shops New York City

Business Cards. 260# Strathmore Cover, Midnight Black Wove. Gold Foil Stamp. Gold Foil Gilded Edges




To modernize edge gilding, Publicide Inc. applies rolling techniques to pressure gold, bronze and silver foil over paper surfaces for durability and endurance. Edge gilding has moved around in our specialty printing department. Once precious and reserved for stately occasions, edge gilding now sends a signal of internal creativity to otherwise corporate affairs. Letterpress business stationary, personal calling card and thank you notes are all elevated to new printing stratospheres with a metallic touch.


Specialty Printing for invitations NYC

Invitation. 200# Kraft Cover. Silver + Brown Letterpress Printing. Die-cut Round Corners. Silver Edge Gilding




Specialty printing for business cards NYC


Specialty printing, edge gilding, color core and all kinds of painted edge play are put to task in our custom print shop. Let us take your most far-flung printing fantasies and manifest them as something to grab onto. We’ve got the mettle to hammer out your job. Pound out elegance, crushing textiles to help you envision your best self on paper and put it forward.