We at Publicide Inc. printed this novel/art book and we couldn’t be more delighted. Short run book printing is our amour du jour. Ranbir Singh Sidhu’s coming-of-age tale about a bright green dodecahedron found in the Arctic at the turn of the last century is a fluid and liquidious read. Ranbir Singh Sidhu’s Object Lessons (in 12 Sides w/Afterglow is a printing piece de resistance. This 128-gram book is luxuriously light, printed on uncoated smooth yet thick paper. The paperweight was chosen for its opaque quality so they type is not visible through the pages.

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Object Lessons (in 12 Sides w/Afterglow is bound with a hinge score so the book opens at the hinges instead of the spine so as not to put extra stress on the glue that holds it together. This makes for a long lasting book that can be opened and closed, shelved and re-read a zillion times over without much wear and tear.

This is why hinge binding is perfect for Novels, product catalogs, and artist, designer or stylist lookbooks – Objects to be touched used and read not put away for display or “framed”. It is luxurious without being precious.

The cover is uncoated paper printed with a gradient slime green PMS-802 color (We’re on the slime green trip too!) that gives an ombre effect. Topped off with a gloss black foil stamp, this cover choice evokes the shifting shapes of water that the story is about. A perfect reflection both literally and figuratively.

To punch it up the cover has an in-fold to give the book a little extra weight to its liftability.

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Object Lessons (in 12 Sides w/Afterglow is a 76-page soft cover book published by Run/Off Editions. The same publisher we featured earlier with Robin Cameron’s beautiful book, Right Now.

And just in case you were wondering a dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces.

This project hits at the infinite possibilities of printing art books and novels. It was our pleasure to bring the content of Sidhu’s Object Lessons (in 12 Sides w/Afterglow to physical form on paper.

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