We’re always posting so much about what we produce we forget to stop and take it all in. Publicide’s NYC print shop is a carnival of delights! Rolls and rolls of holographic foil, brawny embossing apparatus, machines of the stone age. The sound and rhythm of copper plates crushing pretty papers is a gift to the ears and ink splashes cover metal mechanics in a neon rainbow of flavors! A real eye-feast.


Picture of NYC Print Shop

Our NYC print shop showcases not one or two, but three vintage Heidelberg windmill letterpress machines. Heidelberg Tiegel (Platen) plates meticulously manufactured in and imported from Germany in enormous quantities from 1927 through 1985.


Letterpress windmill Heidelberg machine

It’s a wonder to watch these ancient monsters pound repetitive, putting ink to paper and spitting out the most delicate objects, the likes of which are rarely glimpsed beyond bespoke shelves of boutique gift shops or gently passed from one hand to another. Gentile introductions enveloped in grand gestures.

Recently we’ve been renovating. In our pursuit for ongoing excellence and flexing our keen sense of spatial design, we’ve been kicking down doors and knocking down tables and walls revealing windows on the world.

Paint buckets slosh with shimmering metallic inks itching to impress their glow on satin finish #100 lb. paper.


NYC Print Shop buckets of ink

Shelves and shelves of archival content and keepsake cards quietly tucked into their respective receptacles.

It’s more than we can consciously contain so we give it to you. Google us for a gander at our online goods. Check out our Instagram for inspiring ideas for your next printable propositions.

NYC Print Shop interior shot

Our printing capabilities and industry experience make us a great fit for many types of print jobs, large and small. From postcards and business cards to press kits and product launches; we take as much care in printing wedding invitations as we do in helping our corporate and commercial print clients with their trade show brochures and conference book printing.

Print Shop NYC