Publicide Inc. is a full-service shop for printing ing NYC with an equal amount of expertise in digital printing as well as Letterpress, custom and commercial printing jobs. With a wide breadth of printed matter ranging from full corporate identity suites to luxury, highly customized business cards, our printing shop has all your needs covered.

Startup businesses, graphic designers, event planners, fashion industry labels and architects are some of our best-fit clients. Whether you work with non-profits, museums, ad agencies, or city government, Publicide strives to tailor our services & resources to find the print-perfect fit for you.


We take great pleasure in knowing exactly when to push a little deeper with letterpress printing. Every print-run begs for customized details to make stand-out products for lasting impressions. We know when a double hit of Pantone Ink can make your printing really jump and we specialize in Letterpress printing of all kinds.  Embossing, debossing and foil stamping are all chic accoutrements to an otherwise simple yet elegant black business card or wedding suite.


For digital printing, we use a full-color printing process. Digital printing is great for custom Lookbooks, Catalogs, Booklets, Postcards, and Posters. Digital is also an affordable and fast way to produce multicolor Business CardsCorporate Stationery packages, unique postcards, and zines and booklets of all kinds. To create or update your logo design—we’ll connect you with the best fit in our network of industry professionals to create a brand new graphic identity. In house, we offer exquisite typesetting services to make the most resounding print from your design file.


At Publicide, sustainable printing is at the forefront of everything we do. We share the green values of our clients and are always thinking up innovative ways to maximize print efficiency with the most sustainable printing options available. Make sure to ask about our archival, premium cotton papers and recycled stocks. We believe that in our increasingly instant environment, each print job should be carefully considered with the aim of producing a relevant and valued object.

  • Publicide Inc: Kraft Paper Printed in Foil Stamp

  • Letterpress Printing Shop in Manhattan NYC

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  • Publicide Inc: Commercial Offset Printing in NYC

  • Publicide Inc: Letterpress Print Shop NYC

  • NYC Offset Print Shop: Commercial + Custom Printing

  • NYC Print Shop: Multiple Foil Stamp Packaging on Black Cardstock

  • NYC Printing: Orange Edge Paint Business Cards

  • Rush Custom Letterpress + Offset Printing in NYC

  • Publicide Inc. Custom + Commercial Printing in NYC

  • Print Shop NYC: Silver Foil Stamping on Custom Blue Cardstock

  • Digital and Offset Printing On Multicolor Papers

  • NYC Printer: Foil Stamping Plate for Cards + Stationery

  • Publicide Inc: Commercial Printer in Manhattan

  • Publicide, Inc: Times Square Print Shop NYC

  • Publicide Inc: Custom Print Shop in NYC

  • NYC Print Shop: Gold Foil Rolls

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  • Print Shop NYC: Foil Leaf Cutter + Paper Flower Arrangement

  • Print Shop NYC: Publicide Inc Retail + Commercial

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