• Publicide Inc: Kraft Paper Printed in Foil Stamp

  • Letterpress Printing Shop in Manhattan NYC

  • NYC Print Shop: Custom Mixed Pantone Printing Ink

  • Publicide Inc: Custom + Commercial Printing in NYC

  • Publicide Print Shop: Midtown Commercial Printer

  • Publicide Inc: Print Shop with Foil Stamping NYC

  • Publicide Inc: Retail + Rush Print Shop in NYC

  • NYC Letterpress Business Card Edge Painting

  • NYC Foil Stamp Printing Holographic Foils

  • Publicide Inc: NYC Booklet Printing + Binding

  • Publicide Inc: Commercial Offset Printing in NYC

  • Publicide Inc: Letterpress Print Shop NYC

  • NYC Offset Print Shop: Commercial + Custom Printing

  • NYC Print Shop: Multiple Foil Stamp Packaging on Black Cardstock

  • NYC Printing: Orange Edge Paint Business Cards

  • Rush Custom Letterpress + Offset Printing in NYC

  • Publicide Inc. Custom + Commercial Printing in NYC

  • Print Shop NYC: Silver Foil Stamping on Custom Blue Cardstock

  • Digital and Offset Printing On Multicolor Papers

  • NYC Printer: Foil Stamping Plate for Cards + Stationery

  • Publicide Inc: Commercial Printer in Manhattan

  • Publicide, Inc: Times Square Print Shop NYC

  • Publicide Inc: Custom Print Shop in NYC

  • NYC Print Shop: Gold Foil Rolls

  • NYC Print Shop: Dark Silver Foil Stamping on Black Cardstock

  • Print Shop NYC: Blue Offset Flood Card Printed + Edge Paint

  • Print Shop NYC: Commercial Shop Tools

  • Print Shop NYC: Foil Leaf Cutter + Paper Flower Arrangement

  • Print Shop NYC: Publicide Inc Retail + Commercial

  • Publicide, Inc: Retail + Commercial Printer

  • Print Shop NYC: Commercial Bindery Equipment

  • NYC Print Shop: Publicide Inc Promo Products

  • NYC Printing: Offset Commercial Press Rollers

  • NYC Print Shop: Garment District Printing in Manhattan

  • NYC Print Shop Publicide Inc: Exterior View

  • NYC Print Shop: Laminated Gloss Business Cards

  • Letterpress Printing Shop NYC: Heidelberg Print Press

  • Publicide Inc: NYC Print Shop Office - Commercial + Custom Print


Publicide’s NYC print shop is situated in midtown Manhattan where the Garment District meets Times Square. Our full commercial printing production facility combined with our resource-packed retail office provide an essential destination for all things printing in New York City. We’re always ready for rush printing projects as well as routine commercial printing and prototyping work. Our speciality is custom printing, so you can expect that we will offer tips on how to give your job a little something extra.

Our commercial print shop, on location in Manhattan, contains Offset, Foil Stamping, Letterpress, Embossing, Die Cutting and Digital Printing machines. We strive to have some of everything so we are always prepared to combine print processes or zero in on the perfect singular print type for each job. In addition to print, our shop provides on-site bindery work including Edge Gilding, Duplexing, Laminating, Binding, Mailing and other custom fulfillment.

If you have a print project ready to hit the press, email us today for a custom quote to get on the print schedule and begin work ASAP. Just send all applicable paper, quantity and print process info to print@publicide.com to receive your custom quote. For those just starting out or needing some extra help, Publicide’s team can arrange a telephone or in-person consultation based on the scope of your project. We like to get some ballpark pricing to you before meeting, so do your best to get back to us as completely as possible when we follow up to get more information. It’s all in the interest of making sure we get you exactly what you are expecting!

To get ideas, take a spin around the Sample Department our online office!

We keep the office fully stocked with our latest printing samples and as many paper and color samples  as we can find. Located at 250 West 40th Street, we are easily accessible to our customers with scheduled appointments, as well as for job pickups.

For those seeking printing services from outside the 5 boroughs we offer this website as our online resource of samples and previous projects. We ship worldwide!