Custom Letterpress Printing: Wedding Invitations

Fall Wedding season is fully swinging in NYC, therefore, custom letterpress printing of wedding invitations are flying off the hot presses at Publicide Inc.! Like weddings themselves, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards express a couple’s personality and set the intention for the style of celebration. Every wedding should be unique and have a distinctive flair that conveys the texture a singular romance. The ephemera surrounding nuptials and subsequent celebrations match that texture and create a sustainable, keepsake invite to be treasured forever.

We love our wedding invites so we dove into the Publicide vaults to dig up some very special printed announcements. We’ve put together a few of our favorites and discuss the processes that make them special. So, let your imagination run wild! Whether your dream wedding is Bradshaw-esque taking place in the iconic New York City Public Library or its upstate in a quaint old barn in Hudson Valley, your invitation can match the vision you fancy!

This beautiful wedding invitation invokes a very natural feel. With a hand-written design, trees, and birds appearing almost as filigree. Soft brown ink stamped onto creamy eggshell paper is luxuriously simple.

Letterpress wedding invites NYC

Custom design letterpress wedding invitations printed in NYC

Below, we have something a little more off-cosmopolitan hip. This enviable note is embossed with copper-colored ink on Lettra pearl white paper or as some like to call it; bone. It has a crisp yet soft finish suggesting un-stuffy prosperity.

Custom Letterpress wedding invitations NYC

Next up, this gold and white striped square invite printed in CMYK digital on 120# Superfine Eggshell paper. With all its shapes fonts and colors, we can expect an unconventional nighttime bash where anything goes!

Letterpress wedding invitations printed in NYC

Now, here is a super-fun invitation with a retro-feel intended to look live a vintage airline boarding pass. It takes two passes through the press one for blue ink and one for red. We print on Strathmore Natural White paper and give it a perforated edge to tear off on arrival to the festivities letting you know you’re in for the ride of your life! And points to a cheeky marriage that embraces all the future ups and downs, arrivals and destinations that a lifelong romance will endeavor!

Unique wedding invitation printers in New York City

We at Publicide Inc. hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Hot Presses! Publicide is always happy to quote wedding invitations, wedding stationery packages and thank you cards. Swanky or simple, we have your wedding needs covered.