• Event Invitation | Letterpress + Gold Foil + Die Cut

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  • Event Invitation | Graphic Design + Letterpress + Vibrant Pink Paper

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  • Business Card | Custom Graphic Design

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  • Packaging | Candle Box + Label Design

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  • Notebook Set | Graphic + Product Design

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  • Packaging | Candle Box + Label

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  • Event Invitation | Deboss + Foil Stamp

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  • Event Invitation | Metallic Foil Stamping

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  • Event Invitation | Letterpress Printing

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  • Business Stationery | Red Ink Letterpress Printing

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  • Event Invitation | Gold Foil Stamp + Edge Paint + Envelope Detail

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  • Event Invitation | Foil Stamp + Offset Printing

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  • Business Card |Deboss + Offset

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  • Personal Stationery | Letterpress + Colored Paper

  • Event Invitation | Offset Printing

  • Silver Letterpress Cards


Typesetting might date back to the middle ages, but the practice of this artisanal technique is still going strong at our NYC Print Shop. Beyond type design or general typography, Typesetting is the specific craft of arranging type to stylish & sensible legibility. The journey your design makes from the computer screen to a print in your hand is not so much a simple translation process as it is an intricate arrangement to make the absolute most of the art specs and the paper stock of your choice. One might compare Typesetting to the expert tailoring found all around our Garment District neighborhood.

The process begins with the art. Upon receiving the design file for your personal or business printing, our specialists pour over each individual detail, point by point (known as “kerning“). After careful consideration, our creative team finds the layout “fit” best suited for printing. With maximum attention to detail, we will delicately evaluate the spacing of each element and scrutinize the text letter-by-letter to ensure aesthetic perfection and maximum impact. Insider Insight: the negative space around each line, mark, or letter is as crucial as the positive space itself. This integral understanding is the key to great printing. So whether you’re asking for simple streamlined lettering, classic cursive, or intricate calligraphy amongst a host of decorative elements, our Pressmen & Layout Specialists will stop at nothing to bring your digital design to life in a memorable, eye-catching print.

Beyond our fast, efficient layout services for printing, our typeset Renaissance Men & Women will offer careful suggestions regarding any number of custom, specialty services to make your print as personal as possible. If you’d like to see your corporate logo grab a little more attention, we will develop your design into three dimensions with an incredible emboss/deboss. For a taste of the divine, we will have your business cards or stationery reflecting the sunlight or spotlights with a Spot UV Gloss Varnish or glimmering Metallic Foil Stamps. To ride the trend of the moment, we’ll add touches of color in the Pantone color of the season, or any other on-brand hue that appeals to your senses. For a dazzling finishing touch, we could frame your print run with bright Edge Gilding, or Edge Paint. There’s no limit on our ability to achieve any custom feature you might imagine!

Whether you’re in need of business cards, letterheads, mailouts, full runs of corporate collateral (folders, brochures, packaging: oh my), or book layouts, you’ll stop, look, and remember any piece off the presses at our Manhattan Print Shop.