White Paper is ubiquitous to the point of synonymity. When attention is brought Paper, perhaps at the word alone, the human mind will impulsively conjure the color white: a suggestion thick as a stray, undesired plume of cigarette smoke. Paper comes in every color! Read on for the penetrative power of Brilliant White Paper, a luxurious offering from Publicide’s NYC Printing Shop.

Pristine Presence with Brilliant White Paper + Custom Commercial Printing

White Paper is a staple for high fashion Business Printing, and for professionals across the Manhattan workforce. An obvious choice for banking professionals, retail labels, architecture firms, doctors, and event planners, white paper brings clinical cool and stark prestige to your run of custom Printing. Business Cards, Hangtags, even Pop-Displays, are primed for the print run.

Nothing says Fluorescent like hospital! Brilliant White paper gets its brilliance from specialty treatments experienced in its production at the mill. Be it by UV, bleach, or translucent pigments, Brilliant White paper offers your credits in a flash, sure to stand apart from the Business Cards + Invitations in the pile. We attribute the avalanche of printing with super-white business papers to the result of our expanded tolerance to light, due to our newfound dependence on hyper lit LED phone screens. Everything, everywhere, must simply shine brighter! On the sinister edge of every trend, Steven Klein predicted our culture’s proclivity for clinical whites with his 2015 NARS campaign + collaboration. Who knew antibacterial lighting could be so glamorous!

Because white objects can tarnish in a blink, they become valuable for their likeliness to spoil. As such, white paper, —and especially Brilliant White Paper—could be considered one of the more luxurious spec setups for Custom Printing.

Far from commonplace, Brilliant White Paper is distinct from the simple syrup, gelatin-film coloring of Natural-White paper. Brilliant White paper shines with the saturated strength of bleach, among other things.

Treated in the pulp phase, bleached papers are common: hello bond paper. At the weight of copy paper, little interference is required to achieve a pigment-free presentation, clear of unwanted flecks + fibers one might spook on carefully examined sheet of paper. Paper stocks at premium weight, however, require a more involved composition. Laced with lumens, the whitest papers are such for the fluorescent powders and reflective pigments pounded into stock during its composition. Industrial as it is bespoke, Brilliant White Paper represents the frostiest tips of exclusive Custom Printing.

Brighten your Print Portfolio with these White Papers

Pale Posterity

Reminded of light-sources in Renaissance art, Publicide pushes for Custom Printing on White Paper. Not for the whiteness, but for the print paradox your professional stationery might benefit from. In the master paintings of the renaissance, the light comes from the inner/outer glow of a divine being, be it the sun or a cluster of cherubim. This is an illusion. The light is not really in the painting, as light itself cannot be painted any more than White can be printed—white foil laminates notwithstanding. What lies in the painting is not light, but individual ability. As such: when you elect to print on brilliant white paper, your Business Card succeeds on your contact and credits. The paper upon which your identity is pressed evaporates, submitting to the contact, leaving only the type, your name, and the business itself, to sing out with holy substance. Quite Simply: White Paper is there, but not there. Your name will be remembered.

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Business Cards, Event Invitations, Hangtags + Fashion Printing

When you print on White Paper, texture provides the character that color normally would. Marshmallow and Glossy Coatings are as common to our NYC Print Shop as are the Matte Uncoated Eggshells. Consider these tactile options for your branded Custom Commercial Printing.

Brilliant White Paper is stunning + supportive stock for Hangtags. White Garment Tags + Hanging tags blend in with white garments, or stand out against full color clothing. Embelishments like Emboss/Deboss logos + monograms add a sense of regency. The so-called “Ghost Impression” blind deboss is a favorite in the fashion community. Command white-glove luxury with Event Invitations printed on White Linen Paper. Linen provides texture, and conveys old New York elegance. West Egg or East Egg, black Foil Stamping offers a startling and glitteringly crisp contrast to white paper. This season: look for Offset Printed Cocktail serviettes as the ultimate Dinner Stationery Suite spoiler. For Specialty Printing, CALL PUBLICIDE.