Book Cover Review: Gloss Studies in MARIPOLARAMA

HEADLINE IMAGE: NYC Custom Book Printing | Hardcover Books NYC | Full Color Printed Covering: Premium Digital Imaging Paper over Neenah Folding Board with Neon Offset Title+ Silk Gloss & […]

Monograph Book Cover Review: Dawn Mellor’s ‘The Conspirators’

Dawn Mellor, ‘Rose Dewitt Bukkater from Titanic (Kate Winslet)’, Pastel on Paper, 2010. Monograph Printing | Custom Book Printing NYC | Deep Dimensional Digital Color Printing on 80lb. Strathmore Superfine […]

Fashion Printing NYC: The Look Deck, The Future of Look Book Printing NYC

Strut toward Fashion Week with next-level Look Book Look Deck printing.
This New York City Printer specializes in small-run Books and large-scale Commercial Printingfor personal and business endeavors. Count on us to tailor our resources to your brand […]

Book Cover Review Vintage Edition: LASHER by Anne Rice

The Poolside isn’t complete without your Summer Reading.
Keeping with her tradition of serving up a sequel that outshines the forebears, Anne Rice continues the sage saga of the Mayfair Witches with Lasher. A sprawling, filthy-rich matriarchal clan of New Orleans […]

Custom Book Printing: Fine Art Booklets, Monograph Printing + Exhibition Catalogues

Book Monograph Printing that looks as fine as the art itself
Lets say you’re a Renaissance (Wo)man thriving and striving in New York City. Here, most people are. If nothing else, […]

Book Cover Review: ‘Michael Jackson & Other Men’

We’re going berserk for books as usual.  Particularly the variety featuring swaths of high-opacity pigments that allow the viewer to slip away- somersaulting through time and space. In more direct words: Our […]

Book Printing NYC: Custom High End Hardcovers + Stunning Softback Booklets

Open Up for Custom Book Printing
Publicide is happy to print your softcover books, booklets, programs and catalogs: all important facets of company or corporate business collateral. We’re equally comfortable creating press kits […]

Custom Book Printing: Monographs, Catalogs + Programs

Showing has always been superior to telling.
Feature the best of your business with a pocket sized display of your products and services with Custom Printed Marketing Booklets. Similar to the seasonal showcase […]

Custom Book Printing: Real Estate Promo Printing NYC

That Brochure Over There has been waiting to blossom into a Custom Printed Book
Real Estate Promo Printing is typically associated with bold & brash banners plastered against benches and buses. We […]

Notepad Printing: Custom Note Sheets + Stationery in NYC

CUSTOM NOTEPAD PRINTING: Promoting In Multitude + Style

Summer Starts early at Publicide, and notepads are essential for travel, whether to exotic destinations, or to the morning meeting. In addition to […]