Headline Image: Custom Event Printing | 24pt Touche Paper + White Foil Laminate + Gold Foil Stamp + Edge Gild + Fold

So much more Event Printing is required for a successful soiree than the Invitations alone. Table signage that looks & feels as delicious as the delights they are served upon are as crucial as the chilled cocktails. Case in point: this incredible seating card.

Achieved with silky touch Touché paper in 24pt. thickness with a brilliant Edge Gild & stacked Foil Stamping, this bit of custom event printing serves equal form and function. Covetable “White Ink” foil laminate gets the message across, while the decorative deco embellishment at the border ensures the reader is soothed by a golden gleam. The already ultra-smooth paper is boosted with a suede like water-resistant coating of marshmallow gloss. Spilled drinks and wind machines are no match for this trusty “Reserved” Seating Card. Cheers!