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White Ink Printing is trickier than it sounds. Against the norm of dark ink on white paper, the reversed appearance of white ink on dark paper stock offers a memorable visual contrast. Much of what you see printed in white ink isn’t white ink at all, but a foil or acrylic stamp. This is especially true with dark or brightly-colored paper. White ink is transparent when printed over black paper, dark paper or brightly-colored paper. In order to get white ink to be visible on black paper, dark paper or bright-colored paper, the white ink must be applied multiple times, which typically results in an unsightly white ink mess. A white foil stamp is the solution – it mimics the look of white ink printing: without the ink mess, and with excellent white opacity. “White Ink” printing & Foil Stamping looks best on dark or bright-colored paper – especially black or dark blue paper backgrounds. The look of white ink printing makes a logo pop, & gives a sense of visual depth to printed business cards, invitations and anywhere one might want to invert an assumed printing standard. This being New York City, black paper continues to be a staple in-demand choice for business and personal stationery. We offer the look of white ink right here in the ever-fashionable Garment District in Midtown Manhattan. White ink isn’t ink at all. It’s the look!


Pricing for white ink and white foil stamping is based on quantity, paper type and the number of processes and machines that will be used to create the business card, announcement or other printed matter. Custom pricing begins around $200 for single process, with 250 quantity, printed on 18pt / 130# Uncoated Cover. More elaborate and custom production specs can run the price up considerably so it’s important to get your quote before proceeding. Production time is usually around 7-10 working days for simple custom projects with more work-intensive projects taking longer. Turnaround time is calculated from the date of PDF proof approval. If your custom project has a hard due-date please let us know when making your request. Email us with your design file or specs to receive a custom quote for your printing project. All projects must have a custom quote number to proceed.


Embossed and debossed business cards are available for rush service in less than 7 working days. Due to the materials and setup required for white ink and white foil stamping, it is difficult to produce them in less than 5 working days. To inquire about a rush job, please email artwork, specs and desired completion date ASAP to rush@publicide.com. If we’re able to accommodate your schedule we will reply with pricing and additional costs for the rush.