An Odyssey of Dimensional Foil Stamping, Pantone Full Color Printing, Registered Embossing + Superfine Paper

Behold! Full Color faces and the shining elixirs that coat them ripple in the windows, lengthening and smiling out from the reflective glare. Have printed banners ever been so beautiful? Nope! Not since Cleopatra’s royal roman procession (a pageant of psychological warfare) in 46BC. Forgive our commercial tastes, but any promotional print that doubles as decor deserves a spot among the canvases at The Met—or MoMA in the least. Framed by crystal black + brilliant white masonry of the shop’s exterior, the concepted contrast of bold architecture and printed visuals do everything it takes to pull us through the door.

And away we go…

Tinted Sapphire Foil Packaging thrusts forth, and we know we have officially crossed to the other side…the better one. Too divine to recognize in a single glance, these premium metallic boxes come into focus, thanks to the pin-precise Engraved Silver Text, a moonlit blaze that reads: DiorSkin Nude Air Luminizer. Dior. We always say YES to Cobalt Foils, and must note the development of this Sapphire edition of our favorite Metallic Mylar, unique to the house of Dior. While our NYC Print Shop did not handle this particular order, Publicide is eager to develop custom printing materials to suit your brand as you see fit. And while we happen to prefer the cosmetic highlighters from NARS, this Dior compact is worth buying for the Blue Foil packaging alone (…a great place to store your lash + brow brushes).

Could it be? The long lost YSL Opium? The tester bottle sits as empty as a Greek bank. Behind it lies a rectangular prism of umberous ruby, bursting blood orange. In a clobbering fury akin to after-hours with Liza, we spritz and spritz and spritz—THIRSTY!—to no avail; then chucking the depleted goods aside, we reach toward this most holy relic of the fashion industry: printed packaging direct from the kingdom of the 20th century’s last great artist….Yes… We have actually died and gone to heaven, and come back again. Although, No—Upon closer inspection, the product in hand is not the TRUE eau de Yves, but a replacement relic: the factory formulated, alcohol-based eau de toilette. Like the many Vatican-approved reproductions of Veronica’s Veil, the current formulation of YSL Opium is but a vial of nostalgia, in service to the warm convenience of hazy memories, pedastooled above the certainty of sanctity. The original parfum might in fact be lost for good, preserved only in The Grace Mirabella Dead Sea Scroll Collection in the annals of Condé. Whatever, we are most certainly buying it.

Hark! NYC Printing from our very own home, Publicide, there! Glorious—unmistakeable! Glorious!—on the Shelf! Superfine Cardstock + CMYK boxes, can I please hear it again?—YES!—Superfine + CMYK—better than sex, this printed pair is, for their super stiff and ultra saturated properties. The product: the inimitable Bum Bum creme from Sol de Janeiro. Soft, slick, whipped, and caffeinated—Has such a thing ever existed?—this body balm is formulated to lift and enliven the backside. We will never forget the sunshinning day our new friend on Sol de Jainero’s design team brought this elixir before us. A round of prototyping was in order, wherein our NYC Print Shop discovered, yes, Superfine Stock would provide the sturdy durability of pert muscle tone, while Full Color Digital Printing suggests lemony sunsets south of the equator. We scream and slather for lotion powerful as a Santeria potion. Commence full body application, and museum preservation of the Printed Packaging!

Publicide Inc: Letterpress, Print Manufacturing, Design; Manhattan, NY, NY

Printed Packaging requires die lines, custom plates, and die cutting. Our NYC Print Shop will aid you every step of the way. After all, in a surface obsessed world, Function does not sell itself. Special Effects, like Foil Stamping, Engraving, even solid-to-gradient Offset Color, grab attention and convey the benefits of the product in the box. Beauty Industry professionals know the consummate power of cult-friendly packaging, appeal to your die-hard consumers with Limited Edition Packaging. Like a standard seal, nothing offers more prestige than Emboss/Deboss logos. Letterpress Labels + Full Color Stickers are a favorite at our Manhattan Print Shop. Use Labels to enhance the packaging, and give out Stickers to promote the product. Even more, Look Books + Brand Books communicate your vibe while showcasing the season’s latest items; a great tool to loop in buyers and editors, consider adding a Beauty Booklet to your order of Custom Commercial Printing. Round out your retail presence with Business Cards + Promotional Postcards for the full fantasy.

How beauteous the boxes are! O brave new world, with such Custom Printed Packaging in it! CALL PUBLICIDE.