Fluorescent / Neon InkFLUORESCENT PRINTING: Neon + Day-Glo Inks

Burst into the Futuristic Tradition with fluorescent + neon printing at Publicide!

Increasingly, we encounter requests for electric, fluorescent + neon colors to be washed over the complete spectrum of Business StationeryBook PrintingEvent Invitations. Naturally, we find ourselves pressed to comment on the colloquial interchangeability of these terms, especially as they may relate to our endless pursuit of perfect business cards.

Neon, in common use, can refer to any color typical of reflective gear, “Hazard Zone” signage, and the 1990s masterpiece, Hackers. Truth: Neon is red, Hot Red—perhaps “Blood Orange” if you’re fancy—since it happens, in fact, to be a specific element on the periodic table. A noble gas, Neon has become an accessible catch-all term for those of us who preferred to do their English homework during science class. So, to create that palpable radioactive-look in a tone other than literal Neon Orange, a color-chemist would have to travel across the elemental tiles over to Xenon or Mercury gas for blue ink, Argon for violet ink, and even electrified carbon dioxide for white ink. Within the strict context of “neon” or “electric” pigments for printing, the color-monopolists at Pantone derive color from luminous mineral sources, like phosphorus. “The only place Neon could actually be printed,” our worldly Print Expert explains,  “is Jupiter—where the planetary pressure is high enough to compress the gas into a solid.” Give us a few media turnaround cycles, and soon enough Publicide will be bringing you interplanetary printing.

“Fluorescence,” a broader and more appropriate term than “Neon,” refers to the agitated electromagnetic unions of light + element. Fluorescent Color, will present itself when stimulated by the illuminated bringer of truth: ultraviolet light. UV is just beyond the violet light spectrum visible to the human eye. The short wavelength of UV reacts with the naturally occurring fluorescent lumens in minerals, gases, + even living creatures (hello, bioluminescence), to produce that spectacular hi-lighter glow we all know. At the end of the ink barrel—ethereal plankton, exterior signage, and Pantone Color-Chips all have luminous atoms in common.


Whether you call it “Neon” or “Fluorescent”, we can work with you on your next project. Email us today to get a quote for your printing job. We can print with fluorescent inks in offset, letterpress and sometimes on screen printed projects.

Publicide sets itself apart as one of the few remaining commercial printers that is actually still manufacturing in Manhattan. We provide many specialty printing services onsite, such as metallic printing, foil stamping, spot gloss printing, embossing, debossing, specialty binding techniques including edge gilding and edge painting, as well as digital printing methods. Producing commercial printing alongside personal, and custom printing right in our Manhattan Print Shop, we maintain presses for letterpress, die-cutting, foil stamping, and offset printing, alongside digital print presses. At Publicide, we strive to stay competitive with the changing needs of our customers while staying true to the craft of printing. In addition to our wide range of capabilities, we offer a staggering variety of unique papers, combined with the insight and experience to make the most of every job.

Fluorescent Orange Business CardsFLUORESCENT PRINTING SAMPLES

Check out our Printing Sample Department to get design and layout ideas, or to see the difference between foil stamping, offset fluorescent or letterpress ink. You will find samples printed on premium paper stocks with unique finishing techniques such as duplexing, laminating, edge painting and more! We also offer custom printing for notepads, garment tags, custom postcards and other stationery printing projects.

If you have a print project ready to hit the presses, email us today for a custom quote and to get on the print schedule to begin work ASAP. Just send all applicable paper, quantity and print process information to print@publicide.com to receive your custom quote. Feel free to include images of things that you like to guide us. For those just starting out or needing some extra help, Publicide’s team can arrange a telephone or in-person consultation based on the scope of your project. We like to get some ballpark pricing to you before meeting, so do your best to get back to us as completely as possible when we follow up to get more information. It’s all in the interest of making sure we get you exactly what you are expecting! Our office hours are by appointment, so please schedule before stopping by for best results!


Pricing for our custom printing is based on final quantity, paper type and the number of processes and machines that will be used in creating the order. More elaborate and custom print specs cost considerably more than standard orders, so it’s important to get your quote before proceeding. Production time varies with order complexity and our seasonal workload, but our elastic schedule allows for very fast rush prints when required, though rush charges apply. Turnaround time is calculated from the date of PDF proof approval. If your color printing project has a hard due-date, please let us know when making your request. Email us with your design file or specs to receive a custom quote for your printing project. All projects must have a custom quote number to proceed.


Some types of printing are available for rush printing service. To inquire about a rush job, please email artwork, print specifications and desired completion date ASAP to rush@publicide.com. If we’re able to accommodate your schedule we will reply with pricing and additional costs for the rush. Rush printing is one of our specialties but please be aware that every moment counts in a rush print schedule. Some jobs will require additional shifts and weekend work to finish on time so the price can be significantly higher than jobs on a regular schedule.

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