Custom Emboss + Deboss Business Cards

We all know: Emboss + Deboss add high stakes distinction to your printing order. Consider the majestic fraternal twins of custom dimensional printing. Like an imperial shield, your Embossed Business Card + Debossed Prints will part crowds and inspire awe.

In many ways, the Emboss Printing Process the equal-opposite set-up to Letterpress. Where Letterpress Plates rely on convex type to press down into the paper (leaving a your choice of shallow or deep impression text), an Embossing Plate relies on a die + counter-die to push your graphics up + OUT. A sure showstopper, an Emboss evokes the high-art power of relief sculptures + classical bronze engravings.

In this regard, the Emboss is a printing service well suited for creative professionals + fashion experts, as well as more corporate enterprises. There is something beautifully congressional about an Emboss, lending your Business Cards + Stationery a seal of certainty.

More akin to Letterpress, Deboss Printing offers the aforementioned, pressed-in print. Since deep impression Letterpress is a contemporary development—in the past 10 years, Letterpress Printers have sought to make the difference between physical and digital printing starkly visible; in comparison, the best Letterpress Printing of its mid-20th-century hey-day was marked by the absolute seamless subtlety of the final impression— The Deboss Service is enthroned in its own right as the original—and most obvious—distinctly concave Printing Method.

In this regard, the Deboss is a printing service well-suited for boundary pushing start ups, brands, + influencers. For extra conceptual strength, the tone on tone aesthetics of a Blind Deboss arrive without need for ink. Paradoxically, ink-free printing reaches peaks of custom printing for its reliantce on the integrity of the impression, and the quality of the paper stock.

IN THE KNOW: Two for One

The fact is, Emboss/Deboss are inextricable from each other. Like the yin yang, there cannot be dark without light. What this scribbler means is: unless you elect to cover the reverse side of your print, the impact these setups result with the other. A duplex service will make use of the aptly named Premium Cover Paper to mask the tracks of type. Selecting the duplex will also thicken your business card to an extra wide width. At Publicide, we are fond of the “Naked Verso” Emboss/Deboss as much as the duplex. As most of the samples in this post show, the “Naked Verso” Emboss/Deboss offers the best of both worlds. The tactile surprise of the counter impression is nothing short of captivating for your card’s recipient.

Extra Extra: The Sculptured Emboss
Raised Printing increases Dimension and serves Scope

Not all Embosses are created equal. With Sculptured Embossing, your print arrives with even more dimension than a standard emboss. The Sculpture Emboss relies on a more complex technique, with finely hollowed and arrestingly rounded plates. As the moniker explains, sculptured embossing comes from specialty etched plates that result in smooth, multilevel registrations. Captivating and soothing to the eye, the Sculptured Emboss catapults your print to cinematic heights. More than a calling card, the Sculpture Emboss Business Card is worth treasuring. Consider the gleam of a gilded sculpture Emboss/Deboss for heavenly appeal.

Elevate your Print Potential with Emboss + Deboss Business Cards. CALL PUBLICIDE.

Specialty Services + Custom Business Printing: Emboss Logos/Deboss Graphics

The high-pressure world of New York business requires the results of high-pressure New York Printing.

Publicide has practiced the Letterpress arts for well over a decade, harboring all the skills the ins-and-outs of Emboss/Deboss require. As we’ve hinted, a well executed dimensional print can be attributed to the distribution of pressure. Our pressmen have mastered their intuitive forces to know just when a print requires a little ease, or the complete crash of the Heidelberg. Sculptured or Standard, your Emboss/Deboss Business Cards are sure to make a lasting impression. Consider this masterful service for print-runs beyond Custom Commercial Printing + Corporate CEO Cards. Event Invitations float to the top of your intended guest’s mail-pile when they arrive sheathed in embossed envelopes. Of course, embossed Event Printing (from announcements to signage) communicate a black-tie affair. Perfect-Bound Paperbacks + Programs are improved with dimensional book covers. There’s nothing we can’t improve with the flawless seal of an Emboss/Deboss.