Custom Wedding Invitation Printing. Letterpress + Enclosures.

In 2018, a marriage can be anything—and so can your Wedding Invitations. Keep your Wedding Printing fresh as your relationship. Custom Invitations from Publicide come with a balance of antique + contemporary printing methods to ensure a truly memorable occasion. Letterpress serves distinct, uptown regency. Bold type, geometric graphics + abstract designs, clever envelopes + foldovers will round out your Wedding Suite with unexpected whimsy. Simply: some things are better together, even if they clash.

Wedding Invitations + Stationery are crucial as the veil. As such: it is the material of the piece that marks the quality. At Publicide, we pride ourselves in our wide paper selection, replete with every color and premium weight. We’ll help you parse through our infinite samples to find your preference between Crimson + Vermillion, or from Ivory + Brilliant White.

As a Letterpress Print Shop, we suggest clean-cut deep impression printing to achieve your Borders, Filligree, and Ornamental Text. Full Color illustrations arrive with lifelike applomb with the help of our Custom Color Tinting + Deep Dimensional Digital Color Printing Services. Engraving + other forms of high-end, Raised Ink printing are a much welcome request in our Manhattan Printing Shop. Engraved Wedding Invitations deliver the kind of dignity typically reserved for the mint. With Engraving, the ink is administered from recessed printing plates, resulting with tactile type that looks (and feels!) delicious as icing on the cake.

The Adler-Gervurtz Wedding Suite
Putting the KEEP in Keepsake, and CLASS in Iconoclastic

We drool for these much treasured pieces of Wedding Ephemerata. Starting with (the much imitated) black letterpress on white paper, the preceding Wedding Invitation carries an impression that is at once stark, and elegant. Letterpress takes to Crane’s Crest Premium Paper like oil paint to canvas, Offset to Bond. The softness of Crane’s (in your choice of traditional-tree or eco-friendly cotton) pillows beyond the depth of the pressed Black Pantone.

The reverse side offers a heartbreaking rendering of an original painting. With Custom Color, spot foils, and an extra hit of Letterpress, perspective comes into swirling focus. Officially: This invitation is elevated from party promo to work of art. Below, an RSVP Card demands close-up consideration with a modern design achieved with ink-free Blind Deboss Printing—proving the old addage: love is blind.

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Publicide Prints, Designs + Manages Custom Wedding Stationery

An Event requires so much more than an Invitation alone. Publicide examines some components of a Printed Wedding Suite.


Course out expectations with the informative joys of Wedding Announcement Printing. Flashy + Fabulous Postcards get the news out fast, while superthick trifold sculpture embossed Save The Dates take a more prestigious amount of time. No matter, your big news is in good hands with the pressmen + women at Publicide. Make sure your correspondence cards, well, correspond: consider matching Thank You notes to keep your pink cloud swirling after the post-honeymoon blues.


The walk down the aisle begins here. Inform + Inspire your guests to show up with their best looks + best wishes. A Wedding Invitation encapsulates your Event’s ambiance + atmosphere. Get the joyous 411 for the big day (Six Sets of Names, Date, Location, Dress Code et al) across with deep impression Letterpress. Super thick papers are great for Embossed Monograms + Family Crests. For an extra royal touch, pick from our array of gold leaf + metallic foiling materials to match your gold bands to your gilded lettering.


Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? Love and travel simply go together. Include maps + written directions for the Ceremony Location to Reception Hall. But before your guest knows where they’re going, they must commit to attend. Include RSVP Cards with requisite “Check YES/Check NO”; if applicable: the entree preference. The RSVP Card should grab attention, so take the opportunity to go wild a Holographic Foil Stamp + Rainbow Holo Edge Treatments.


The handbag of the Stationery world, an Envelope carries your print with unfailing style. Whether you choose the pointed and princely European Flap, or contemporary-fancy Straight Flap, Publicide has the premium paper stocks + print intel to bring you Custom Converted Envelopes that are nothing short of heraldic. Go all the way, consider the promise of a mounted Envelope/Invitation.

Ceremony + Reception Programs.

Often: It’s a fucking long day. As your friends and family will silently, secretly wait for food and alcohol, their expectations can be managed with the Wedding Day Itinerary. Keep them up to pace with time slots for Speeches, Vows, Photos, Cocktail Hour, Dinner + Dancing. Programs provide information along these lines with supplementary content. Well-wishes from parents, grandparents, and special dedications to the departed. Lyrics, poetry, and prayers are customary features to fully editorialize your Wedding Program.

Dinner Stationery.

It is not the venue, nor the gown(s), the ties, the rings, or even the romance that makes the Wedding, but the food. (The same goes for the actual marriage in practice—our relationship expert divulge). Accompany your dinner service with delicious Dinner Stationery. Die-Cut Letterpress Menus are classic, as are fully Illustrated + Foil Stamped fare. Silky Menu Covers with Gloss Marshmallow Coating offer presentational excellence.  Musical Chairs are a no-no: Escort Cards, Table Numbers, Place Cards + Seating Cards, will keep shenanigans to a minimum. Drink tickets, Cocktail menus, Signage + Paper Decor round out your Event Printing essentials. Since sustainability is an increasing global concern: it is perfectly acceptable forgo the aforementioned in favor of Champagne Coup Coasters alone. In the least, the ring-bearer will make great, processional use of them.