Envelope Edge

Custom Printed Personal + Business Stationery

The purpose of a letter—according to the keeper of Judy Garland + Truman Capote, scholar of celebrity + biographer Gerald Clarke—is to lend instruction and inspiration. In his preface to Too Brief a Treat, Clarke claims the doomed Capote’s letters “possess so much energy they all but leap off the page, demanding to be read.” Thus: No matter the occasion, enthusiasm is required for a proper letter. And while we might from time to time lack the true jet of genius, fabulous design + fine printing will add magnificence to your missive.

The occassion of this Envelope, laid out + tacked above, reminds This Scribbler of the cruciality of casing. With the joviality of a herald, and the seductive allure of a striptease, Custom Converted Envelopes entice your recepient to read the contents, and devour the enclosures.

Case in Print: the Mourning-Margin motif. Mourning Stationery was the Victorian widow’s tribute to a lossed loved one; the tradition commanded evolving thicknesses of the border to mark the period of grief with accuracy. As champions of etiquette, the Victorians knew borders framed more than the message, these providing a stylish aura and compelling atmosphere, in even the blackest of times. While our example today uses a black trim for aesthetics alone, this stylish, superthick custom Envelope carries a sense of antique tradition and modern integrity. As for an Envelope’s contents, Letterhead properties can be read at length here.

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