Engraving, Engraved Printing + Raised Lettering entered the world of Commercial Printing to replicate the power of gilding lent to the hand-painted precision of medieval Illuminated Manuscripts.

Luxurious Raised Lettering: Engraved Type Raises The Bar

Consider the power of Angelic Artistry. Replete with other-worldly resonance, Engraving is sure to command veneration from the print’s recipient. A process known for its difficulty to achieve, Engraved Printing results with vivid tactile type. Every typeface looks better in raised lettering, whether modern or classically calligraphic.

Long after the invention of movable type in the East, and much before the Gutenberg Press pops up in the West, Books were crafted by an overlapping class of scholars and clergy. The task was a privilege paid for with discipline, resulting with intricate chronicles, chthonic as they are exact. Please allow a thoughtful digression: Runaway florals + vine-motif borders were illustrated and designed to box-in the text, suggesting order contained within a wild exterior—no doubt: a theological choice. Today, a similar motif is most often achieved with Letterpress Borders on customized Social Stationery + Invitations. Engraved Filigree Borders, however, are a more resonant choice. Gloss through a glorious path to Engraved Printing

Scintillating Sources. The Human need for escape—and fantastical respite—was fulfilled by Books of Hours. (In the middle ages time was hardly scientific, an “hour” was any amount of time spent in reverent consideration of the contents bound in the book.) Each volume was unique to the monastic order that produced it, and further remarkable as a work of the individual artisan. The desires of the commissioner added another layer of identity to the work. These converging willpowers planted the seeds of graphic arts that would one day evolve into Gothic architecture, canvas painting, and full-blown cinema.

Speaking of cin, It bears mentioning: the biblical theme of sin persisted because moralistic depictions of heretical debauchery allowed for nudity; from there, perhaps, we can track the influence and popularity these prayer books had with the public. In addition to the nipple, no theme is more persistent in art than reflections of light. Gilded lettering, leaping form the page, caught the eye of peeking onlookers, and perhaps inspired them to bring their consciousness to another level.

Escape into Paper. The Pre Raphaelites—an 18th century movement of artists that aspired to the garish aesthetic ideals high renaissance painters had forgone—walked it as they talked it. Hand Illustrated with custom imagery + novel layouts (plus: sewn-binding) these art books brought holistic majesty to a world declining into unmitigated, global industry. In these examples, we can most visibly see the undiminished, golden inky text rising from the painstaking efforts of the artist.

Modern Illuminations. Ah, the Custom Monogram. Whether you type your letters, or compose by hand, the look of handwriting increases in value as the practice diminishes. Today, the deliberate hand-scripted look is kept alive (in flawless form) with fine printing techniques from the mid 20th century. No matter the stationery—Business or Personal, for Events or Promotional Purposes—Engraved initials and logos prove to be the jewels of New York Printing.

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Levitating Ink! How it Works: Engraved Printing begins with your custom design. From there, our Manhattan Print Shop etches a concave rendering of the type into a metal plate. At the press, the plate is filled with ink and administered to the paper—as the ink dries, it puffs out and hardens into indestructible, pristine Raised Text. Thermography achieves similar results, by aid of a powerful digital ink jet. Just make sure to allot for drying time.

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Engraving is the singular technique for communicating prestige. What’s more, Engraved Printed Matter inspires awe in a way that appeals to recipients. At Publicide, we bring Custom Commitment to Custom Commercial Printing. Business Stationery and personal Social Stationery command responses with the royal look of raised lettering; Engraved Monograms and Logos will stand out and engage your reader. Similarly, Engraved Invitations will get the guests to RSVP with an emphatic YES to your Event. The beauty of Engraving makes it a much appreciated technique in the Fashion Industry. Specialty custom printed Lookbooks get their stunning power from the sartorial scenes pictured on the page— stud your Look Book with an Engraved cover + spine. To the Art Wold professionals: suggest the glory that awaits your Monograph with Engraved titles. Consider achieving logos + labels with Raised Printing to convey the majesty of your Brand.

We urge you to capitalize on the handcrafted appeal + industrious precision of Engraved Printing. CALL PUBLICIDE.