The whole world is going HAM for “Millennial Pink” and Publicide awaits, ready to knock out all your Pale Pink Printing needs.
As reported by New York Magazine this week, Millennial Pink has been a long percolating trend, bursting into mainstream consciousness in 2016 when Pantone clocked Rose Quartz their color of the year. Their current palette focuses on greenery, but all those vibrant earth tones are balanced by saturated, dusty jewel shades of this pervasive pink. 

But what exactly is “Millennial Pink”

At the trend’s inception, it stood apart from the rest of the colors on the wheel as the younger, gender-non-conforming, woke-af sibling to what we know as Barbie Pink. And as that wild younger sibling, embodied with the Millennial predilection for shucking convention and applying whatever definition they see fit to just about anything, the exact hue of “Millennial Pink”–or “Tumblr Pink” as the children were first to call it–is hard to pin down. As we see it, Millennial Pink is perhaps not so much a single color, but a collective mood derived from various shades “mutated and expanded…from beige with just a touch of blush to a peach-salmon hybrid” with splashes of cotton candies & wild mauves unfolding along the way. Thus, we are unafraid to say that most of all, Millennial Pink is a state of mind.
A state of mind we might have sparked ourselves! The New York Magazine thesis establishes Acne’s 2007 debut of their (now omnipresent) pink shopping bag as the big bang moment for the color. And we contest that, full stop. Our Business Wife, Seagull Salon, debuted the rococo loco faded pink in 2006 with their custom printed Double Thick Business Cards. True to their branding, they selected Muscletone’s premium cover stock in Pink Lemonade, beautifully Typeset and Gold Foil Stamped. Clearly, the world has not been the same since. 
Our NYC Print Shop has near-limitless Specialty Printing capabilities. Just about everything can be printed in Pale Pink. CMYK Color Printing and Offset Printing will render your rose-tinted vision in ink, exactly as you imagine. Our stacks & stacks of premium colored paper stock await, ready to be cut & Letterpressed into Business Stationery and Personal Stationery worthy of Marie Antoinette’s peach quill. Color Foil Laminate allows for vivacious Pale Pink Printing to register on even the darkest of papers.  Come us for Garment Hang Tags printed with super saturated magenta inks & salmon pigments to stand out from all the competition on the retail floor. Attract the spotlight with Spot UV Gloss treatments to give that matte ballet blush a little luster. Watch the “Attending” notices roll in after you print pink on pink on pink Event Invitations. If you’re not too keen on getting lost in the pink cloud with the rest of the girl bosses & art bros, you could seal the deal with one, sole, final touch of nude-beige (or fluorescent neon) Edge Paint Finishing.
Get inspired by our samples below and give our NYC Print Shop a ring for your au currant, on-point(e), razzle dazzle custom Pale Pink Printing.

Gold Foil Stamping + Metallic Offset on Premium Pale Pink PaperStock + Edge Paint, Double Thick

Pink Foil Stamp on Premium Colored Paper + Edge Paint

Full Color on Premium Cardstock

Color Foil Stamp on Peach Vellum Cover Paper, Perfect Bind, 192 pages

Distressed Edge Paint on Extra Thick Cotton Stock

Offset Black on Extra Thick Blush Card Stock

Magenta Foil Laminate + Black Foil Stamp on Premium Black Paper

Offset Fuschia Vellum Overlay + Letterpress Black on Extra Thick Cotton Stock + Drill + Hand tied String

Offset Nude Beige + Black Foil Stamping + Duplex + Edge Paint

Offset Pink + Offset Gray on Extra Thick Premium Textured Paper

Offset Black on Premium Peach Vellum Paper, Diecut + Fold

Full Color + Letterpress Black (reverse side) on Premium Paper

Offset Pink + Deboss + UV Spot Gloss on Extra Thick Textured Paper

Full Color on UltraWhite CardStock

Pink Foil Stamping on Ribbed Premium Paper + Duplex

Gold Foil Stamp on Pale Pink Ultra Textured Paper + Duplex

Extra Thick Business Cards + Salmon Edge Paint Finishing

Final Sage Words Regarding The Pigment
“I thought Pantone’s decision to name Rose Quartz color of the year in 2015 was very smart from an opportunistic standpoint in terms of where we are with conversations about gender fluidity. It felt like a statement…It’s a question of ownership, and I think that’s very exciting….Pink hasn’t traditionally worked across genders, but it fits right in there with the man-bun and the man-bag, where we’re seeing this fluidity like never before. The pink pussy hat is not Millennial Pink, but the fact that it’s being used now as part of the resistance is an extension of that.” -Debbie Millman, host of Design Matters, brand consultant, and chair of the master’s program in branding at the School of Visual Arts, quoted by Lauren Schwartzberg in her article “Why Millennial Pink Won’t Go Away”, New York Magazine.

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