Kim Kardashian’s gown shines as the brightest of the ball at THE MET’s 2018 Costume Institute Gala . In Versace, Kim proves the persistence of shine and the resilience of glamour, sure to keep specialty Gilding, Glitter Foils + Metallic Foil Stamping at the top of the custom printing fleets turning out of our NYC Printing Shop


The Meaning of Art in our Millennial Era

MISSIVE—In an age where design touches everything, content commands the status quo, and gallery experiences can be streamed into the comfort of our own homes: it’s safe to say, ART IS EVERYWHERE. After all, nearly everyone has access to the technology to create a masterpiece with touchscreen airbrushes and vaseline-lens filters, glitterizers + spot-shine features galore. Thus: the standards + stakes for a work of art ascend. SO. How do we begin to define art in 2018?

Publicide Pushes Unheeded Commitment + Total Expression are all it takes to place your selfie in the long line of meta-portraiture from Da Vinci to Velasquez. In 2018, no one embodies this truth more than Kim Kardashian, who’s preoccupation with presentation pervades above and beyond, with saintly certainty, further and further, with every Red Carpet strut and Lumee-lit snap.

On this season’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we receive an insider peek at the efforts required for last year’s Met Gala look. At long last, we get an anthropological look at the deep focus and skillful posturing the Event takes from participants. With a team of hair + makeup artists in tow, Kim K perches—regal as a court bust, stiff as a stele—in the backseat of her SUV, contorting in her seat to allow for ripples in the fabric of her dress to be smoothed to serenity, all the while demanding, literally, every, stray, hair, to, fall—and remain!—in place. She is flooded with waves of anxiety, much to to aggravation of the viewer—but The Artist knows anything can happen in a live setting, and nothing short of android-accuracy + relentless perfection will keep Our Kardashian at peak influence, aesthetically intact.

NYC PRINTING: Custom Stationery

Stationery from The Met Museum, Year-round Gala Standards

While this classic Fold-Over Card and converted Corresponding Envelope feature design + printing specs that are—on the surface—the exact opposite of KKW’s up-to-date Met Gala Ensemble, this piece of commercial printed Social Stationery does exhibit the stunning stoicism Kim K so frequently seethes.

Serving a sense of veneration, this timeless stationery set lives up to the impeccable taste level of The Met Museum, and 2018’s holy theme for the Costume Gala.

Remember: Strathmore’s “Soft White” Premium Paper is the star printing material for unfailing elegance. Smooth, uncoated, with a slight eggshell finish, this paper the strength to hold heavy printing effects and the style-stamina to stand out from Full Color, varnished Premium Papers typical of Commercial Printing. In all, Strathmore Uncoated Paper communicates commitment. The FoldOver feature lends versatility to the card. Perfect for gifts, Thank You Notes, and Seating Arrangements, Memos, a Folded Card is nothing if not flexible. Finally, an Emboss/Deboss logographic and dotted border prove Paper + Plates are all one needs to create a masterful print.

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