Luxury Event Invitation

ROMANTIC, UNCANNY, DIFFUSED GLAMOUR: This Premium Postcard Event Invitation echoes that dark prestige of cultural touchstones Rick Owens + The English Patient. Futuristic + Traditional, millennial Midcentury Madness has never looked better.

Apparatus NYC x Publicide Inc.


Luxury Printing pressed into the POSTCARD INVITE

Event Stationery + Invitations are among the most glorious forms of Custom NYC Printing. Since an Invitation serves the first bite of the party, our NYC Print Shop pushes for eye-catching event invites. Multiple Registers of Metallic Foils are sure to attach a sense of luxury to you event, long before the center-piece tapers are lit. Triple or Double-Thick Papers lend gravitas to your run, and mark an excellent choice for Charity Gala Printing. Finally, the Postcard Format ensures accessibility + collectibility. Perfect for fashion houses as well as brick-and-mortar retail flagships, the Luxury Postcard is known to serve dual purposes while remaining on-brand—beyond the mailer: stack your deluxe promo Postcards where your clientele will reach them. One need not stay very far from the source when you seek to elevate your run of promo postcards. If an excess of foiling material gets the better of you— remember: full-color digital printing achieved with DDDC printing will deliver saturated results splashy enough to welcome a full-flood of guests.

Cement Hues + Concrete Textures with Metal Foil Material + Custom Emboss-Deboss break your invitations into the upper-echelons of Letterpress.


Custom Manhattan Specialty Printing from Publicide Inc

Read for the Custom Printed Event Invitation which embodies the three-form rule for covetable, Luxury Event Printing.

For an Extra Touch of the bespoke, Apparatus + Publicide collaborated to bring an expanded dimension of tactility to this invite. Playing beyond the juxtaposition of textures that result from our friends’ custom choices of Matte, Uncoated Paper + Shiny Foil Stamping, our NYC Print Shop added a staggering Emboss. Embossing relies upon a die + counter die to to push up your selected graphics. By layering a sheet of opaque Leather-Look foil above the emboss, we achieve what industry experts refer to as the Registered Emboss. The resulting ripples of paper are certain to add distinguished grandeur, while captivating even the driest, sorest of eyes.

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