Let the sisters of Sanderson & Owens Rejoice!  

We found this shinning Raised Ink business card on a Sabbath excursion to Enchantments in the East Village. Consider us green with envy in the face of such spectacularly savvy specs. A witch schooled in the printing arts knew just how to make the most of her print & pocket.

We’re inscribing these specialty specs into our (Hardback Vellum Bound) Printing Grimmerie…

Plunge your Superwhite Cardstock into a Cauldron of Ink: Twisting your premium paper into black with Offset Color or Digital CMYK is a more magical choice than color paper.

Engraving + Thermography—Strike a Balance: There’s no power stronger than Engraving to deliver ultra-tight registrations with gravity defying Raised Ink results. Consider Engraving to be the neat-faced Diana to Thermography’s bubbling, crispy-cthonic Hecate. Case in Print: the perfectly drippy moon & figurative graphics in contrast to the tight logotype.

Protect Thyself with Gloss: Lest we forget, Glinda is a witch too. The perfect kiss of a Glossy Laminate or an Aqueous Venus Coating will keep your print safe from the elements, with a soft finish that evokes the grey mist from which The Fates were born.

So Mote it Be.

Custom Business Cards | Raised Ink Printing NYC | Digital Black on Premium Cardstock + Engraving + Thermography.

Whether you’re a Nancy or a Sarah, Susan or Cher, Starhawk or Ravenwolf, Publicide has the provisions for your magical printing.