Letterpress Printing NYC


Publicide offers speedy letterpress printing for business cards, personal stationery, invitationshangtags and more at our NYC Letterpress Print Shop. We keep 3 ancient Heidelberg presses on the floor for letterpress printing on super thick cotton papers with perfect registration, deep impressions and other custom print finishing that can only be created using a letterpress. Publicide offers a wide variety of unique papers along with the insight and experience to make the most of every job. Did you know that the letterpresses have adjustable depth and can print at the surface of the paper, punch all the way through, or go anywhere in between? Truly, the devil is in the details, so we carefully consider your artwork for the best outcome and to make the most of this unique print technology. To further our pursuit of print perfection, all our letterpress printing plates are etched in solid copper from your electronic art so we can always get the sharpest cut and the finest line weights.

Historically, our Heidelberg presses were just called “printing presses” since there were no digital printing or offset printing options at the time of their commercial use. Back then, a heavy impression was the sign of an inexperienced pressman and the best operators would just kiss the paper surface with their lead type. In fact, one of the reasons we don’t use lead today (besides that it’s nasty), is that it is too soft to bash into the paper without losing its shape. Copper is both strong, a great heat conductor (for foil stamping) and is able to be photo-etched to include extremely fine artwork details.  Truly our print progenitors would spill their press wash if they saw all the different ways we have come to use their old printing equipment. We find that with custom printing, the more options we have available, the more unique and interesting each design turns out. That’s why we keep all our printing shop equipment on-site and recommend sending your artwork at the outset, so that we can start thinking up the best execution for your letterpress print job, and keep a close eye on production throughout the process.

Check out our Printing Sample Department to get design and layout ideas or to see the difference a pressed print can make. In addition to printing, the letter press performs die cutting, embossing, and debossing. We use laser cut steel dies to cut paper into custom shapes, round corners, and punch holes.

If you have a print project ready to hit the presses, email us today for a custom quote and to get on the print schedule to begin work ASAP. Just send all applicable paper, quantity and print process info to print@publicide.com to receive your custom quote. For those just starting out or needing some extra help, Publicide’s team can arrange a telephone or in-person consultation based on the scope of your project. We like to get some ballpark pricing to you before meeting, so do your best to get back to us as completely as possible when we follow up to get more information. It’s all in the interest of making sure we get you exactly what you are expecting! Our office hours are by appointment, so please schedule before stopping by for best results!

  • Letterpress Business Card Printing: Tiffany Green

  • Letterpress Printing: Corporate Fashion Invitations

  • Letterpress Printing: Wedding Cards on Cotton Cardstock

  • Letterpress Printing: Corporate Invitation Print

  • Specialty Letterpress Printing: Business Cards

  • Letterpress Printing: Corporate Invitations in 2 Colors

  • Letterpress Printing: Stationery Cards

  • Letterpress Custom Business Cards with Colored Edges

  • Letterpress Printing: Business Cards Off-White

  • Letterpress Printing: Black Ink Logo

  • Letterpress Printing: Kraft Paper Business Cards

  • Custom Letterpress Printing: Business Cards on Green Paper

  • Custom Letterpress Printing: Business Cards on Gray Paper

  • Letterpress Printing Business Cards: Embossing

  • Letterpress + Digital Printed Specialty Business Cards

  • Letterpress Printing : Wedding Invitations

  • Deboss + Letterpress Print Cards: Specialty Business Card

  • Letterpress Printing: Custom Business Cards with Gold Foil Edge

  • Letterpress Printing: Business Cards with 100% Cotton Paper

  • Letterpress Printing: Corporate Invitation

  • Custom Letterpress Printing: Business Cards with Edge Paint

  • Thick Business Cards with Letterpress Print

  • Custom Letterpress Printed Business Cards

  • Custom Letterpress Printing: Business Cards

  • Debossed Business Cards

  • Letterpress Printing: Business Cards NYC

  • Fluorescent Ink Business Cards Letterpressed

  • Letterpress Printing: Book Cover

  • Custom Letterpress Printing: Logo

  • Letterpress Printing: Corporate Logo

  • Letterpress Printing: Holiday Cards

  • Letterpress Printed Halftone Logo

  • Letterpress Printing Deboss Cards

  • Standard Letterpress Printing: Business Cards

  • Standard Letterpress Printing: Business Card

  • Letterpress Printing: Standard Business Cards

  • 2 Color Letterpress Print Business Card

  • Letterpress Printing: Logo

  • Letterpress Printing: Round Business Cards

  • Letterpress Printing: Corporate Envelope

  • Letterpress Printing + Embossing

  • Letterpress Printing: Custom Wedding Invites

  • Letterpress White Ink: Business Cards

  • Letterpress Print Specialty Business Cards

  • Letterpress Printing: Business Cards with Silver Edges

  • Letterpress Printing: Custom Business Cards in 2 Colors

  • Letterpress Printing: Business Cards on Cotton Paper

  • Letterpress Printing: Holiday Cards


Pricing for letterpress printing is based on final quantity, paper type and the number of processes and machines that will be used in creating the order. More elaborate and custom print specs cost considerably more than standard orders, so it’s important to get your quote before proceeding. Production time varies with order complexity and our seasonal workload but our elastic schedule allows for very fast rush prints when required, though rush charges apply. Turnaround time is calculated from the date of PDF proof approval. If your printing project has a hard due-date please let us know when making your request. Email us with your design file or specs to receive a custom quote for your project. All projects must have a custom quote number to proceed.


Some letterpress print specs are available for rush printing service. To inquire about a rush letterpress job, please email artwork, print specifications and desired completion date ASAP to rush@publicide.com. If we’re able to accommodate your schedule we will reply with pricing and additional costs for the rush. Letterpress rush printing is one of our specialties but please be aware that every moment counts in a rush print schedule. Some jobs will require additional shifts and weekend work to finish on time so the price can be significantly higher than jobs on a regular schedule.