Letter Press Business Cards

Letterpress printing is the new standard bearer for luxury printing in the same fashion as Maserati is road travel; both are the opposite of ordinary. Even so, one thing is for sure; Letterpress printing in its extravagance and magnificent craftsmanship is also both simple and attainable.

Like The Taj Hotel of printing, all letterpress business cards are bound to be singular in their punctuation of one brand’s attractiveness, yet at the same time, all letterpress printing done well is undeniably appealing. This is why letterpress business cards, announcements and the baronial envelopes in which they are delivered have stood the test of time through various newer printing technologies.

The wide-ranging choice of paper that letterpress can be printed on is one of the key elements to its sustainability. Bagasse paper pressed with blood red ink will summon the visual complexity of experimental Thai furniture and the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi – Imperfect Beauty. Bamboo and cork skin papers are courser yet still irresistibly touchable when measured against the industry standard of silky smooth cotton. The scope of matter that exists ready to have your imprint impressed upon it is diverse and next to limitless.

The Heidelberg Windmill letterpress printing machines themselves use pressure to gently pound inky plates of copper against surfaces leaving lasting impressions. Choosing letterpress over other types of printing is the way to be sure you’ve made your mark.

The Heidelberg has been the champion of master printers since 1927, the year of its inception, for its remarkable precision and reliability to get the job done.

If you are just starting up, letterpress business cards are the way to get noticed. If you’ve been around for a while and are looking to recapture the imagination of your client base letterpress printing is an invitation to revisit what you Letterpress Printing will always win the admiration of the aesthetically inclined individual. have to offer.