KRAFT PAPER—Ubiquitous throughout the 90s for its sense of consciousness + unbleached authenticity, its time this classic Paper Stock gets the stylish reappraisal a tried + true Premium Paper deserves—isn’t it ironic!?

The Validity of Kraft Paper
Recycled Stocks, Scintillating Styles

Kraft Paper is one of the ultimate performance papers in the history of Printing. While there are many kinds of Kraft Paper, the term usually refers to stocks composed of 30%-100% recycled materials. Naturally, there is such a thing as the spritely and evasive Virgin Kraft Paper—so-called for the paper’s non-recycled, raw material composure + relatively unprocessed production; and Cotton Kraft Paper—our NYC Printing Shop’s favorite—a key choice for your Earth First friends who demand 100% tree free printed ephemera. Nonetheless, recycled Chipboard gets Publicide’s vote as the quality Kraft Stock of the century.

More savory than newspaper pulp, more robust than Cotton, tree-free Kraft paper makes a clear environment statement. Best known for it’s commercial use everywhere from notepads to Custom Packaging + cardboard boxes, Kraft paper carries obvious connotations of workmanship. Our in-house Paper Expert tells us the biggest enemy of the printing industry is waste, so it comes as no surprise to learn from our allies at Jam Paper: Kraft paper byproducts yield turpentine, which are then used for other print manufacturing purposes. In short: Kraft paper packs 100% integrity.

The Artist Has HAD IT

Continuing to carve a path for heightened aesthetic senses + democratic access to art, Kara Walker could be named as a source for many trends of the last 30 years, none more exciting than the elevation of Kraft Paper.

During the bitter gutter of 2016, Walker released a series of cinematic, oversize charcoal drawings from a sabbatical period the artist took in Rome (a sabbatical in which she righteously remains). The works—showcased at the Cleveland Museum of Art + in book-form from Yale University Press—features an unfolding narrative of political + religious syncretism, transposing the troubling tropes + symbols of the Black American experience with those of Catholic Martyrs—thus the title, The Ecstasy of St Kara. Gone are the artist’s most recognizable ultra-formal black silhouettes, in favor of sketchy lines that evoke—dare we say it—working drafts from Disney Animation Studios. This harkens to the artist’s subversive aims to destroy, recast, and reclaim every archetype the American holds sacred. Amen to that!

Submission, 2016, Kara Walker, Graphite lumber marker on Artist Paper; courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York.

On The Book: coming to us in 300gsm Premium Kraft Paper, saddle stitched for the gods, emblazoned with deep impression Foil Stamped lettering. As a paper choice, the Kraft stock offers flexibility, enabling the reader to spill into Walker’s welcomingly nightmarish world. Conceptually, we are reminded of Toni Morrison’s delicate dissection of color theory in the west. Further: we detect a reference to Byzantine Catholic architecture, which presents stripped stony exteriors over palatial, glittering interiors—a theological choice communicating the golden, inner workings of the soul within the humility of the body. Boop! Shattering art-world perspectivism, Walker’s The Ecstasy of St. Kara monograph gives new life to Kraft paper + richer dimension to the intersection of religion, politics + art.

Consider Kraft Paper among the Ascended. Find Divine–if not professional–Inspiration among these premium Business Cards.

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Kraft Paper has a naturally warm, neutral tone. On its own, the taupe-like tan color of recycled Kraft is akin to the sandy nudes + beiges of the most honored fashion houses—we’re talking CÉLINE here, people!—and is ripe for coveting in its raw state. Kraft Paper is  ever primed for Publicide’s Custom Color Tinting. With our Digital Color + Offset Color chemists on hand, Grays + Greys register at their warmest, while Pale Pinks bloom into BLUSH. Most exciting: the unbleached fiber flecks innate to this premium paper offer a marbleized effect under the absorption of Custom Color Printing.

Since White Ink does not quite exist, it comes our way by means of Opaque Color Foil Stamping. Suggestive of bones, latex, even early aught Apple products, White Foil Stamping is jarring as it is soothing. Vinyl, Mylar, and Metallic Leaf are all viable stamping materials, make sure to ask our Sample Department for the run-down on these Specialty Printing Favorites.

Leave it to Letterpress to make the best impression. Letterpress Printing—or as they used to call it in the old days, Printing—comes to us the old fashioned way: with metal plates that press directly into the paper. At Publicide, crave the opportunity to push this classic printing method beyond the limits, setting oversize text deep into the paper with the same enthusiasm we carry for neat nibbles of type. Perhaps the most official form of printing (Watch out, Emboss/Deboss!), Letterpress can be counted on to dress up any stock it touches, Kraft or otherwise.


Kraft Paper is an expected choice for mass Commercial Printing, mailers, envelopes, packaging + gift wrap. In the instance of Business Printing, Publicide pushes for novel considerations and the artful switch-up. After all, we are all part of a generation that has seen denim go designer, while exercise gear becomes worthy evening wear.  If not for the longevity of the environment, make the custom choice of Kraft Paper Business Cards and you’ll see there’s nothing more luxurious than innovation.

Primed for Offset Color Tinting + Digital Color Printing, Kraft Paper registers in an array of warm shades. Highly elastic, it’s great for heavy use: Books + Hangtags alike benefit from existing in the form of recycled Kraft Paper. Equally sturdy, Kraft Paper offers a stiff foundation for the arts of Letterpress Printing + Foil Stamping. Commercial Printing, Business Stationery, Book Printing, Events, Packaging + Promo Printing shine with the fully lit resilience of Kraft Paper.