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The Darkest Double-Hit Black brings enriched meaning to Full Color Printing

Custom Poster Printing NYC | Double-Hit Black Ink + Metallic Offset Color + Legion Masa Paper; Cut. Backdrop Element Throughout: Juliet Jacobson, Untitled (Bed #1), 2018, Graphite on Paper. | Special Edition One Sheet Poster 

Planthouse Gallery + Publicide Inc continue their explorations in supersaturated, commemorative Gallery Printing.

Juliet Jacobson’s “With all of Its Predicates” at Midtown’s Planthouse Gallery is on view through May 19th. Comprising of graphite drawings varying in scale, Jacobson’s latest works continue her mission to render the mundane (cell phones, crumpled paper, rumpled bedding) into uncanny, life-like works with a startling sense of zen.

Juliet Jacobson Graphite Drawing, on view now at Planthouse Gallery +

Jacobson famously creates with an enthusiastic, monotonous practice: solitary marathon applications of graphite until the desired saturation is achieved. The repetitive discipline required for her drawings evoke the contemporary American work force, where nonstop clicking has taken place of the factory assembly line. To this trend, we connect Juliet Jacobson’s celestially cracked and surreally smudged Computer Screen series.

Custom Promotional Printing NYC | Paper: Masa/Washi Mulberry Rice Paper; Front: Double Hit Black + Silver Pantone Offset; Back: Double Hit Black. Finish: Cut | Gallery Broadsheet

Indicative of the artist’s hauntingly serene visual strata, Untitled (Computer Screen 06) marks a worthy touchstone in the artist’s career. As such, our friends at Planthouse gave us a call to help them crack into the realm of elevated Promotional Printing, requesting a luxurious double-sided Broadside. Paired with a glorious essay by Joanna Fiduccia, “Touch Screen”, this collectible print feeds the collector from both ends.

Custom Commercial Printing | Eyes of Laura Mars, Vintage Offset Broadside Poster, 1978 | Directed by Irving Kesher, Featuring Photos by Rebecca Blake, Starring the inimitable Faye Dunaway. Broadsheets + Broadside posters are this NYC Print Shop’s thrilling new specialty | Custom Full Color Promotional Print NYC

The digital printed Broadside (also known as: Broadsheet) is a fast, effective way to commemorate + capitalize upon an event worth remembering. Originating in the United Kingdom, the term refers to the oversize format of the final print—evoking a splashy tabloid or eye-catching poster. With high-quality Art Files (hello, High DPi), and novel choices of print-methodology + premium paper stock: the Broadside evolves into a sophisticated piece of print ephemera rather far from run-of-the-mill party flyers. Excellent for film premieres, concerts, auctions, and performance: custom printed Broadsides will appeal to the gallerists, fashion folk, and nightlife sets. Simply: a Broadsheet print begs to be picked.

Custom Commercial Printing NYC | Full Flood Digital Color + Silver Pantone on Japanese Masa Paper | Collectible Broadside + Broadsheet

Command them to keep the Promo Print!


Anatomy of the Double Sided, Double-Ink Broadside

Specialty Specification Selection: Masa Paper from Legion

Masa Paper, also known as Washi Paper, is a texturally supreme stock from Japan. Our friends at Planthouse picked this one-of-a-kind material for its alternating crisp + smooth qualities. Composed from the pulp of Bamboo, Mulberry Trees or Rice, this Premium Paper’s performance has the endurance to support its delicate effects. Commendable for its handmade feel, Masa paper proves itself a dainty paradox: with a low weight + high opacity, it’s the ultimate choice to achieve highly saturated specs.

Specialty Specification Selection: Double-Hit Black Ink

Our NYC Print Shop is obsessed with achieving the richest blacks imaginable. Digitally printed colorhas a tendency to produce an indefinite haze; without a protective coating or gloss varnish, color can scratch off. An innovative measure: Publicide’s Double-Hit Black print method adds an extra spray from the inkjet. Digital Printing has never been more sensational. With results dark as the depths of the river styx, this Custom Printing Process will leave you gasping, “Oh! my! god!”.

Specialty Specification Selection: Silver Offset Printing

Offset Printed Color offers immersive tone and luxurious pigment. Excellent for achieving the full gradient range between translucent + opaque, this extra flood of color was chosen to add depth to Juliet Jacobson’s touchstone greys. Majestically, Offset Color will suggest sfumato whims worthy of The Met, and silver gelatin prints decking the halls at MoMa. Ultimately a conceptual choice, our team went with the Offset Process to mimic the dark, smudgy metallics of graphite—Juliet Jacobson’s most identifiable medium.


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