The Rainbow Renegade holographic printing is upon us! Hungry Hungry Hippos baby bears and dancing chickens will stalk the streets in the week leading up to New York City’s Pride Parade on Sunday, June 24th.

Publicide Inc., New York’s premier digital, offset and letterpress printing house crafted some visually hypnotic postcards to commemorate this year’s festivities. Silver metallic rainbow foil matches the mood of all the revelers.

A set of seven postcards in 17.5 thickness of Superfine Cover, Ultrawhite Eggshell paper stock are a must have for any rainbow gathering!

Feeling Ferngully? Batty Kodas in digital black dance over print foil stamped silver hologram card stock.

We talked to Dusty, the digital doyenne of New York City’s printing populace to get a sneak peek into the colorful cadre of postcards just as they are about to hit the streets.

Screen Queen: Hi, there Dusty! We’re so excited for these postcards! This year pride is all about communication and rediscovering our collective voices, really getting back to the basics of Pride. Can you tell us a little bit about the magic that makes these cards so special?

Dusty: “Well, the multiple layered processes that have gone into making these postcards is kind of queer. It’s why they stand out. At Publicide our team worked together rearranging the usual order in which we would treat an object. Normally a foil stamp would be the shining beacon on an otherwise ordinary card stock. Instead, we reconfigured the system for Pride so the marginal thing would be spotlighted. We first foil stamped the whole piece of paper and digitally pressed the cards with simple black ink which is also a nod to the recent black stripe in the rainbow flag.

 SC: We didn’t even think of that! It’s so cool you thought to bring black to the forefront of the rainbow design.

 Dusty: “Well, to be honest, it happened fairly organically. It just is what it is, you know?”

 Well, organic or inorganic we totally LOVE these cards. The characters are the stuff of dreamy nightmares and radical change, representing all different shapes and sizes of humanoids some seemingly gendered and some seemingly not. There’s Batty Kodas, Doom Generations, One More Times and Shreks. Don’t miss these cards available with any orders from Publicide Inc. Or just drop by and pick up a pack!