Take a peek at this Rainbow Holographic Postcard from our upcoming collaboration with Matthew Camp + Read our NYC Pride MANifesto.


49 years after the herstoric Stonewall Riots, our NYC Print Shop cheers for the fierce, tenacious will of Gay Pride

PRIDE is a persistent Spirit. PRIDE is unbound Fabulosity. PRIDE is a delicious plunge into the carnal. PRIDE is unapologetic. PRIDE is passion. PRIDE is technicolor supremacy. PRIDE is delicious. PRIDE is not limited to color or creed. PRIDEe is irresponsible positivity, and mindful sass. PRIDE is pleasure. PRIDE is for men + women, and the brave souls who live off the binary. PRIDE is a procession toward paradise. PRIDE is a beginning with no end. PRIDE is glitter in unexpected locations—and crevices. PRIDE is a riot. PRIDE is a prayer. PRIDE is a state of being, for it affects the body as much as the mind. PRIDE is a never-ending tube of lash-glue, and ever-flowing bottle service. PRIDE is every crayon in the box. PRIDE is life under the disco ball. PRIDE is dangerous, unmitigated: PRIDE can change the world. Pride is awareness. PRIDE is illusion. PRIDE is the privilege of a care-free existence. PRIDE is uncompromised truth. PRIDE is musclebound effeminacy. PRIDE is a reveling sea of people blocking traffic. PRIDE is a wig left at the crosswalk. PRIDE is chaos committed to form. PRIDE is a whip on your hip and a crown on your head. Pride is a triumph of trannies. PRIDE is a day in the park and a night on the street. PRIDE is the smile accompanying the money shot, and the crisco covering the fist. PRIDE is serclusion. PRIDE is a ray of light. PRIDE is a dance, far from the last. PRIDE is an arc. PRIDE is an amyl nitrate fever dream. PRIDE is a champagne shower. PRIDE is bulging bodies. PRIDEe is everyone you ever met in one sweaty room. PRIDE is eyeshadow on the wind and lube on the lips. PRIDE is devious, and honest about it. PRIDE is a family of friends and friends of families. PRIDE is a private language, flowering into pictures. PRIDE is the tanline of a jockstrap. PRIDE is a residency in the Land of Oz. PRIDE is a choice. PRIDE is the way.