Gallery Catalogs elevate artist work to new heights. Viana Art – Exhibit 01: Space canonizes the gallery catalog to luxury’s high-ground. Publicide Inc. polishes off this remarkable art book with a firm stamp of luscious gold foil that sparks; makes it impossible to miss.

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A German HP Indigo 7000 digital press prints immaculate and rich color that matches the art it represents perfectly. The Indigo 7000 is the only press that allows for a one-off proof that shows our customer precisely what the finished product will look like before it goes to press. The ability to proof a gallery catalog saves time and side-steps any unwanted glitches. Unlike letterpress printing with its delightfully unexpected bespoke quirks, Indigo offset is laser sharp. You can expect each and every piece that it produces to be exactly the same, indistinguishable from one to the next.

Printing for art galleries in New York City   Printing for gallery catalogs in New York City

Usually, gallery catalogs would come in paperback or softcover form with regular CMYK color printing which is beautiful and useful in its own right. But Viana Art – Exhibit 01: Space is perfect bound with eighty-point book board. A sumptuous slate grey linen wrap hugs the edges of the book and opens to stark black endpapers.

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The hard shine gold’s imprint is pounded out by a Kluge foil stamper that softly explodes in fierce tonal contrast to the books soft grey binding. General roll leaf provides a gentle metallic glow or intensely blinding burst of light depending on how we choose to employ its malleability.

Publicide takes great care when considering how to bring gallery catalogs to life.

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Many of the same techniques and textiles used to produce a gem of a book like Viana Art – Exhibit 01: Space can be applied to other projects as well. Publicide produces books similar to this one for architects, designers and anyone in need of a show-stopping portfolio.

Hardbound gallery catalogs will always stand out with a shelf life of forever in their archivability and want to be seen.