wise poet once sang “Express Yourself!”, and perhaps none have done so with more conviction or singular style than the game-changer of American poetry, Ms. Emily Dickinson  a full century before our era’s platinum bard belted her pop vociferation. As The New Yorker informs us, Dickinson authored her work in an entirely personal mannerspecial from subject to medium. Behold her “scrap manuscripts”, scrawled in trailing paths on bits of the personal stationery she had around her household:

With that, there’s no time like the present to begin fulfilling your lifelong dreams of poetic iconoclasm. We strongly believe in following examples of “How It’s Done” from the singular lives of staunch women throughout herstory, so we suggest you do it as our Emily did. Scribble out the beginnings of a masterpiece on a bit of envelope and make sure to remember the little people on your way to the peaks of literary glory. While you’re at it, you should keep in mind the pieces of business stationery will be cherished and preserved forever. So you might as well make sure the envelope is stunning enough to support your linguistic achievements.

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