Custom Edge Paint Finishing


Business Cards require little more than your name, professional position, and contact information. Logos and monograms round out your identity, and offer presence to the business identity. More than a calling card, the modern professional Business Card is as telling as a resume.

In the high-stakes arena of the New York workforce, a Custom Business Card conveys the cultural impact of your business, while suggesting the ample credit and ability attached to your experience. In truth, clean-cut Letterpress printed Business Cards deliver the most professional look, a sure thing pressed with centuries of tradition.

Magenta Edge Paint Business Cards | NYC PRINTING

Yellow Painted Edge Business Cards | NYC PRINTING

Green Painted Edge Business Cards | NYC PRINTING

Personal touches go a long way, so subtle Custom Printing specs are great way to add some oomph to your Corporate Collateral. Consider a making a vibrant display with Edge Paint finishing treatments. Once your cards have been pressed, printed, and cut, they are divided into stacks and airbrushed to your chromatic specification.

As such, Edge Paint is a fabulous way of applying a range of custom flashes to a large order of Corporate Cards. Employee morale is bound to soar. Not limited to Letterpress Business Cards, Painted Edges are a seamless choice to accompany more showy printing specs, such as Custom Offset Printing, Metallic Engraving, Foil Stamping, Emboss/Deboss, and Full Color Digital services. Let them know who’s flashing by with Edge Paint + Painted Edges. You’re more confident with Custom Business Cards from Publicide.

Blue Edge Paint Business Cards | NYC PRINTING