Foil Stamped Letterhead +

 Envelopes + Pale Pink Paper

Customized Stationery pairs a high level of Style with your high volume of Correspondence

Social Stationery is the original Text Message, DM, or Email. In the Days before Digital, premium paper pressed with engraved or letterpresses headers + footers were necessary to communicate with a network of friends, relatives, + colleagues. These formal elements can be applied to a number of design styles, materials, and print-methodology—as they always have—to ensure a suite of timeless Social Stationery.

It begins with the Envelope. Whether Straight Flap or Pointed European Flap, no10 or A7, a Custom Converted Envelope commands the ambiance your correspondence will take. The Letterhead—full sheet or notecard size—establishes your presence the way your perfume or tone of voice would in a physical setting. Frosty Tip: Monograms at the Footer are a novel choice for the direction of your Typesetting + Layout, serving as a signature sendoff that’s as modern as the content of your missive.


About this Stationery Suite

Harkening to the grand days of letter writing + written correspondence, the clear 1960’s design vibe and printing specs make this Suite a significant standout. Felt Texture Premium Paper and Shiny patent leatherette Foil Stamping add swinging sensationalism to your custom Printed Social Stationery. Felt or Wove textured papers at Premium Weights are the optimum choice to carry the impact of a Deep Impression Foil Stamp, while providing a hyper-absorbent surface for pen ink + graphite pencils. Regarding the Foil: deluxe Opaque Color Laminates, Leather-Look Coverings + Metallic Stamping Material bring the je-ne-sais-quoi that only a special effect can. Slick, shining, immersible + versatile, Foil Stamping is to the print-industry what latex textiles are to the fashion world: STUNNING, in every finish.

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