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Ultra Violet Offset Color archived in Cyberspace

Custom Printing starts with your imagination. Check out these vintage magazine covers to dream up your future print run.

GET INTO the Pleasures of Purple!

Violetone of the rarest colors in nature, and thus ripe with as many stylish connotations as a miraculous cluster of winter grapes. It appears with garish regality in every epoch, from the obvious Ancient palaces, to the pretty parlor rooms of the Gilded Age, and most fun of all: to strobing gel-lit nightclubs. Brighter than indigo, and more androgynous than blue, Purple is a color with the unique ability to overpower the senses: in Full-Flood or as a Spot-Color guest-appearance. Responses to the Color vary. Should one recoil or gravitate toward this saturated splash of the vine, Dominion, one has to admit, is Purple’s power at play. No matter what.

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Custom Stationery in Ultra Violet Tones/Perfect Purple Prints | Three separate pieces of Commercial Printing (l to r): a museum worthy map-fold Brochure, a white-ink Foil Stamped sunset gradient Business Card, and a tone-on-tone Offset Wedding Envelope achieved with Pantone Purple Ink on Colorplan “Lavender” Paper.

Ostentatious as it is sophisticated, the use of Purple + Violet would lend itself with vibrant aplomb to your Custom Printing.

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The ladies who lunch along with the ladies who waitbuttoned-up business men and rock stars alike—are certain to express their divine/devious intent with the soothing resolutions of Ultra Violet specialty Printing Specifications.

Case in Print: Two early 90s covers of Interview Magazine, featured below.

Behold the supple achievements of analog excess! Behold these solid baths of 3-Color, 6-Color, and 8-Color Offset Pigment! As ambergris was once the sole substance for attaining a heavenly aroma, the complex and bountiful commodity of Offset was once the only path to unearthly printed beauty. And though both of these practical traditions have been eclipsed by traditions requiring even less practice, these icons remain in place for the finest.

As the millennial messiah sang Purple Reign, Purple Reign

Ultra Violet 18-3838 Custom Printing NYC Pantone Purple Spot Color Yellow Green BW Offset Pigment Commercial Printing Perfect Binding Magazine Printing Lookbook Inspiration 90s look typography design layout DDDC High Resolution Digital Color

Cover Review, November 92River and KeanuRIP the fleeting fancy of twinkdom. River himself, like Keanu’s appeal, is but a fleeting memory, a silver moon-lit Endymion preserved for our pleasure at the price of eternal slumber. Let’s wish eternal life upon the design directors who brought about a clever game of typographic hierarchy. Observe how River bears his name in arched type over a naughty-nice brow, while Keanu dribbles his top-billing moniker—a subtle punishment for the hit-it-and-quit-it approach he takes to that innate gay sensibility of his.

18-3838 Custom Printing NYC Offset Printers Midtown Manhattan NYC 3-color 4-color 6-color 8-color Pantone Matching System 90s printing vintage printing New Aesthetic Full Flood Full Color Typeset Typography Design Book Printing NYC

Cover Review, May 95: The Barbarella of PLUR! Drew Barrymore simmers from this perfect cover like a hot pot of freshly brewed simple syrup. Or, you know, a hot spoon of something else. Inside the covers, we are treated to proto-IG prophecies of fish-eye-lens selfies, cat portraiture, and detail shots of daisiesThe Novelty—how bizarre that the filters of today were natural yesterday. The Pain—the encroaching Awards Show season promises bland digital-media engagements featuring Shailene Woodley’s pet mason jar collection. Mae West wept.

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Give into the richer dimensions of Color. Beyond Millennial Pink lies the timeless Midnight Poise of Ultra Violet: Call Publicide Inc, the NYC Print Shop for premiere purple printing + unique Business Stationery.