Headline Image: Custom Stationery Printing NYC | Blue Letterpress on Superfine Paper  | Custom Converted Envelope

NYC Printing: Custom Stationery 

Like a handshake, hug, or airkiss, the Envelope establishes your greeting

Anything worth receiving comes in an Envelope. Even in the days of digital, the last message you received was accompanied by an envelope-icon in the least. No matter the format of your written communication, a Custom Corresponding Envelope is always in style. Case in Print: this elegant piece of Social Stationery pictured above the fold. Proving all it takes to make a print sing is Letterpress, the correct Pantone Pigment, and Premium Paper, this envelope pairs the prestigious appeal of custom printing with warm execution. Lightly recessed text adds discreet contrast to the wove paper. Not pictured, but worth mentioning: an extra aura of friendliness is harkened with the address typeset + printed on flap. Perfect for professional use + personal announcements, consider this Envelope the piece to emulate when you need to keep other abreast of your Business.

Known in the industry as a Custom Converted Envelope for the die-cut + glue conversion a sheet of paper undergoes in becoming one, quality Envelopes are benchmark presses for this NYC Printing Shop.


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