Pale Paper + Delicate Letterpress turn this page into a Party

The All-Time Custom Converted Envelope

Custom Converted Envelopes bring excitement to the recipient—like a signature perfume that hints your approach—ultra soft premium paper elevates your correspondence. Whether you’re conducting business affairs, keeping up with personal correspondence, or mailing out invitations, a Custom Converted Envelope will go a long way to carry your unique message.

Custom Converted Envelopes are custom stationery pieces that arrive, print-perfect, with your selection of premium paper. Known as Conversion Sheets for their conversion via diecut + glue + fold into a printed object, our NYC Printing Shop carries a wide variety of these Business Papers. Personal touches and customized features heighten Specialty Printing techniques into fully branded identities. Skip pre-packaged envelopes for custom cred! Labels are for them, letterpress is for you: Print your Monograms, Logos, Title and Address information, directly into your stationery.

Spec City

Custom Commercial Printing can make a luxe impression with Letterpress. Famous for the gentle indentations of text this specialty printing method provides, Letterpress is nothing if not distinguished. Paired with an almost fluffly, ultra matte premium paper, the printed type stands out, even though it’s pressed in. For these playful reasons, Letterpress Printed Stationery (Letterhead Notecards + Notepads + Envelopes, we mean you!) puts the ness in Business.