Business Cards, Letterhead Sheets, Envelopes, Invites + Hangtags look better in Black

Black: Elegant. Professional. Definitive. Quintessential New York, black arches over seasons and remains appropriately stylish for even the most buttoned-up of Business Stationery kits, wide-ranging Commercial Printing, and of course: Fashion Printing. Beyond aesthetic power, custom printing on Black Paper ensures maximum performance. While brilliant White Paper, premium Color Paper + recycled-Kraft Paper provide ample strengths, enduring wear is not among them. Black Business Printing + Personal Stationery will withstand the scuffs and stray marks a busy piece of paper is prone to catch. Timeless as black tie or black jeans, Custom Printing on Black Paper is here to stay.


Unique Black Business Cards + Stationery stick out from the Stack

Black, the color of the universe, might seem like an unexpected choice when it comes to Commercial Printing. Standard specs for Corporate Business Printing lean toward the stark + starched look of ultrawhite Bond Paper, while the typical promotional Mailer or Postcard requires a blank cardstock to convey a full range of eye-catching CMYK. As such, the consummate professionals represented in these prints can be considered heroes of iconoclasm, and champions of style, for proving the capital worth of custom printing on Black Paper.

A Word from our Print Master,

“In printing Black is ALL COLOR and represents the Absolute Presence of color. In light, Black is absence of color. Technically, Print is an example of additive color, whereas Light is subtractive. With Light, all emanates from White—so colors occur as the white relents along the spectrum. In the World of Print, everything comes from the Black.”

You heard it here—not first, but perhaps best: Everything we’ve ever laid eyes upon can be traced back to Black.

Nothing less than a gateway, Black Paper is a prime foundation for stackable, custom selections.

Multiple foil registrations offer the vivid, deep impressions that ink can only reach emotionally—but never physically. That is: Gold Foil Stamping + Color Laminates pop like no other. Make sure to ask our print officials for the printing trend that’s constant as cryogenics: Holographic Stamping. Speaking of Foil Stamping, “White Ink” finally gets the opportunity to exist by the means of this specialty method: heat + pressure directly presses opaque, premium mylar into the stock, so your type + graphics register in an inspiring, highly visible contrast. Speaking of visibility, enter the upper echelons of NYC Printing with sculpture Embossing. The ultimate in raised printing—sorry, Thermo—the Sculptured Emboss relies on extra help from Debossing plates to add extra levels + curving dimension to select portions of your print.

We’re shouting for these rich Black Premium Papers

Check out these custom samples, straddling the professional strata of NYC Printing. CONTACT PUBLICIDE.


Slip in with the VIPS.

A Business Card is the headshot for the professional world. An expertly printed business card sparks recognition in the recipient, and commands the call. Or email. Case in Print: this Black Business Card from Billionaire Boys Club communicates the total worth of the present moment with a Holographic Foil Stamped moon logographic. Catching infinite rays of color, this specialty Foil Stamp must be seen offscreen if one is to perceive all the tones of the rainbow in this fine printing material. Most of all, Black Paper offers rich contrast to the Technicolor vibes.

The following Business Cards are fierce as well…


Script + Send with Unending Confidence.

Personal + Professional Business Stationery Sets allow your friends + colleagues to know who they’re working with, and where you’re coming from. Personalized missives + notes command the atmosphere of the correspondence to come. Case in Print: Surprise! This Letterhead unspools with repetitive syllables on the other side of the page—Yes, PAGE. Once paper is printed upon, it becomes The Page. In this regard, Letterhead Stationery elevates your every thought + magnetic whim—No Print Portfolio is complete without one.

The following Stationery Cards + Envelopes are fierce as well…








Swing through the racks.

Hangtags complete your look (on the hanger or otherwise). The retail experience can be a frantic one, as such: designers + fashion industry professionals should be sure their brand resonates. Garment Tags + Jewelry Tags hint at the quality of the garment, while making the maker known. Like an artist’s signature, custom Hanging Tags are the Creative Director’s seal of approval, signaling value + workmanship. Case in Print: Proving that the best Custom Printing requires inimitability, these Sculptured Emboss Hangtags from HL James display heavy dimension, and a sharp sense of originality with a never-before-seen Isosceles-Parallelogram DieCut. Folding Board + Cover Stocks offer an integral foundation for your custom printed Hangtags, sure to travel well beyond the purchase date.

The following Hangtags + Packaging Printing are fierce as well…


Say Cheers

It’s true: the quaity of the party—if not the expert planning—can be gauged from the print. Invitations introduce the Event, and in a busy social season it’s typical for tentative guests to RSVP according to the careful clues presented in the invite. Case in Print: Engraved with silver Pantone, the clean contrast of fine type and bold headers promises an elegant occasion. Engraving is a careful method that requires recessed printing pates. When filled with ink and pressed to paper, the plates leave a raised kiss of text. At the very least, an Engraved Invitation lets your guests know: formal is not optional, and the bar will be open.

The following Event Invitations are fierce as well…

EXTRA EXTRA: Black to the Bone

Is your job best suited for Black Paper or Black Ink?

As NYC Printing’s leading innovators of digital printing, Publicide can, in total honesty, dissect the pluses + strengths of Pigmented Black Paper vs the Full Flood of Color on White Paper.

Black Papers are dyed at the mill, in the pulp-phase of the paper production process—well before the ream hits the drying rack, where your processed pulp becomes a usable stock. Since they are color-soaked on location, custom Color Paper is pigmented all the way through. Custom Tinted Paper, Publicide’s own in-shop specialty, is achieved by applying a careful registration of ink (Indigo or Pantone) to your paper, enhancing the hue to your most custom of specifications. Whether you’re starting with white or an even richer tone (primary colors are not exempt from the splendor of a Digital or Offset Color wash!) We recommend Custom Color Tinting + The Double-Hit Black Printing Experience for rich graphics and uniquely identifiable color. For print-orders that feature Letterpress, Foil Stamping, + Dimensional Emboss/Deboss effects, Black Paper is a singular choice.

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