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With unstoppable frequency, our NYC Printing Studio receives all manner of requests for custom Holographic printed matter. Our shop has yet to produce an actual hologram—which our friends at Wikipedia define as a prismatic field of light caught in a photo—however, our selections of Foil Stamping materials extend beyond the expected assortment of Goldtone Metallic Mylar to include the latest/greatest of the chameleon, iridescent variety. This is to say: when it comes to custom printing, the “hologram” is an image rendered into the foil itself. The days of interactive pre-filmed projections of business cards are yet to come: Click through at the end of this sentence to see some the best samples from our Manhattan Print Shop’s custom printed Holographic Foil Stamping.

The world of print moves in parallel with the first + finest across all industries—global or cottage. Holographic Printing fanatics since 2011, we have taken it upon ourselves to share some art-world influences that have contributed to the persistence of this trend.

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Holography always makes a splash

Art Basel is more saturated than your local art fair. Beaming beyond the colossal masterpieces of junk, to labyrinths of selfie portraiture, we’ve heard if the work is Holographic: a sale is a sure thing. Take a peek at the successful aesthetics from what will long be known as The Decade of Holography.

Jen Stark, Holographic Square17 x 17 x 36 in, Acid-free Foam Board + Holographic Paper + glue, wood & paint,  2012.
Get the glam: Glitter Holographic Foil

Kimsooja, Deductive Object, Sculpture: 2.45 x 1.50 m, Mirror: 10 x 10 m Painted Welded Steel, Aluminum Mirror Panels, 2016.
Get the glam: Vertical LightRay Holographic Foil

Olafur Eliasson, Penta Hexe, Stainless Steel Light Fixture, Black paint + Gold + Green Coloured glass, 2017.
Get the glam: Iridescent Holographic Foil

Oliver Laric, Schengen Visa Hologram, 175 x 100 x 0.4 cm, Tamper evident security hologram stickers on Acrylic Glass, Clear Coating, 2012.
Get the Glam: Geometric Holographic Foil

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Flashy Foil Stamping for Fascinating Prints, or:

This foil is a print is a foil is a print

Publicide is proud to bring an extra flash to your print order. Business Cards with Holographic Foil Stamping add fun to formality; the same can be said for your custom printed Event Invitations. Eye-catching and fabulous, Holographic logos and edge finishing treatments are natural selections for retail branding + Hangtags. Requests for Holographic Printed Packaging are most eagerly welcome. Beyond the unexpected pop of technicolor metallics, Holographic Commercial Printing will strengthen your print with an air of the conceptual. In the Meta Millennium, Publicide Pushes for amped consciousness with print-on-print glory. As mentioned, “holographic printing” refers to the colorful rays of light printed into the foil material, which is then stamped into your choice of paper. Thus, Holographic type + graphics mean your print is printed with a print. Have we lost you? Let the samples find you: capture your next run of Custom Commercial Printing at our Manhattan Print Shop.



It is painful—in light of his troubling statements loaded with dubious intentions—but we must credit the ribald raconteur + consummate art fanatificianado, Kanye West, for bringing about artistic progress—if, like, you know, anything else.

(2013 AD)—YEEZUS arrives on Earth’s last brick-and-mortar music stores in blank plastic packaging (it is up to the listener to decide whether this symphony arrived from Hell or Heaven.) On streaming + digital services, the Yeezus album art would depict a scorching verdant silver disc (known to previous generations as a “CD”). The object would be more recognizable if the future were not screaming, so audibly, like a subliminal siren, from West’s first significant masterwork. We mean no slight, twisting anything commonplace toward an awe-inspiring vantage point is a theme common to art and politics. Not since Leia has a holographic image so captured our collective senses! Initially, another cover had been planned, showcasing nightmarish golden busts by George Condo—the stuff ground-beef facial fillers are made of. We can only assume Kanye’s decision stemmed from the cultural expiration date of gold. We must relish in West’s sage decision to scrap the gilding in order to make way for a new era, one that looks as dazzling as it is uncertain. What is certain: Kanye’s Yeezus presented a shiny point of no return; the future is Holographic.