Artist Postcards

Saturated Impressions

NYC Printing: Postcards + Invites

Postcards are the original picture message. Get the word out in vivid color with custom postcards from Publicide. Whether you’re sending a message to a friend, promoting an opening or developing your brand’s retail presence, postcards offer a luxe touchstone your friends + clients are more likely to keep than a Business Card. Like a poster you can hold, or a portrait that fits in an envelope, the Postcard is an ingenius communicative keepsake.

At once casual and formal, Postcards are easy to dress up with extreme, custom printing specifications. Our NYC Print Shop has sent many quadruplexed collectible Postcards/Promotional event invitations, bearing no less than 4-Foil Stamping processes, set to multiple impression levels. On the other hand, the classic approach can carry a message further.

A premium 7pt cardstock is all one needs to qualify a Postcard, anything more is simply excess. Staggering artwork + sharp design will sell your card, but the success lies in saturated renderings. As these collected images suggest, a featured artist’s work on the cover of a postcard must present the majesty the work posseses in person. Deep Dimensional Digital printing makes the most of the work by matching your desgin file’s pixel-rich DPI with a supersoaking of pigment. This method conveys the texture + depth a painted canvas carries in real life, all the more likely for this work’s presence to be known. It’s the digital printing equivalent of using every paint tube in the box.

Gallerists, Giftshop buyers, Event Planners, Fashion Designers & Retailers, and Artists yourselves—it is in the creative professional’s best interest to keep a portfolio of Postcards in-stock. A classier form of branding + self promotion has yet to be discovered. Special consideration for openings, galas, events, and merchandising should be made for these seasonal occasions, that—as always—are improved with a Postcard.

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