Robin Cameron – Right Now

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Robin Cameron employs a wide range of practices and has a notable relationship to art book printing. All art book printers dream of the types of projects Cameron produces. She applies unconventional approaches to time space and identity to her art as well as her cyanotypes and printmaking. Cameron’s atypical methods of dealing with traditional media make her a beloved and highly regarded maker of books. These books find their homes not only in the hands of avid fans but also places such as Printed Matter in New York City. The permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art houses her work and many prestigious publications rave review it.


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Cameron printed her 2017 book, Right Now with Publicide Inc. 365 stories are presented in a chic collectible object; the book is an artwork in its own right. The stories detail chronological events from an email archive that span ten years of the artist’s life that are cut up, blurred out and re-arraigned. Themes of permanence, change, and nostalgia weave their way through a fractured narrative. Right Now seeks to observe as well as examine the reader’s correspondence with their own sense of time and questions alliances to memory. A paradox in referential text.


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Publicide Inc. takes great care and much pleasure in printing art books and Robin Cameron’s Right Now ranks high on the list of favorite works. Publicide printed 125 of these stunning books. Finished in Perfect Bind with a cover of Coral Vellum peach Basis Cover paper stock, the front cover of Right Now is embossed with a Yellow Gloss Foil Stamp. The foil stamping of the cover lends its self to the ideas of ceremonial indefiniteness that Cameron proposes in her written work… Lasting Impressions.


Robin Cameron’s Right Now is published by Run / Off Editions, edited by Elizabeth Karp-Evans and Designed by Franklin Vandiver. Printed at Publicide Inc.