Stationery for Architects + Design Professionals

As an architect, the sky is your canvas, concrete and contractors replace paint + brush. And as an architect sculpts habitations from a great remove, they should take a similar approach to brokering + designing their Business Cards. In short: for those that customize the sky for a living, custom printing is the only business printing that will do.

Architects, Artisans, + Contractors: communicate your sharp abilities with premium Letterpress + Foil Stamped Full Color Business Cards.

As we learned from the windows at Barneys Downtown + Publicide’s Event Printing for Apparatus this spring: cement is the hot new vibe for the rest of 2018 (and beyond). Mimic the splendor of the finest building materials with premium paper.

Our NYC Print Shop archives the best papers the world over. Publicide also happens to excel at customizing economy papers to reach luxurious heights. Spot Varnishes—like our in-house Marshmallow Coating formula—lend a water-proof, soft-touch feel to your card. Glossy Printing + Aquaeous Coatings offer a slick commercial appeal, and can provide the tactile sensations of fine leather or solid glass—depending on your varnish selection. Most importantly, Gilding + Foil Stamping bring reflective shine + metallic majesty. Relying on heat + pressure, a foil stamp presses and fuses eye-catching mylar into the paper. Nothing compares to Foil Stamping if you’re looking for Metallic Lettering + Logos.

Follow this Blueprint to scheme out your Custom Printing:

For a classic approach akin to the timeless white button-up, consider Letterpress printing on Cotton Paper. Ever traditional, Letterpress can be traced  to the middle ages, and even the earlier days of movable type. Reich Cotton Paper offers earth conscious, tree-free dignity, while evoking the seductive power of Frette Sheets. For our high-wire risk takers out there, go for iconoclastic Black Business Cards. Black is always in style and ever-remarkable when it comes to corporate Business Printing. Rosegold Foil Stamping will bring timely appeal, but bear in mind: Mirror Foils are the future. Go all out with Raised Printing: Engraving utilizes recessed printing plates to achieve three dimensional lettering; similarly, Thermography delivers raised ink at the speed + quality of Digital Printing. With the help of an Emboss/Deboss logotype, your Business Cards will carry the prestige of a plaque.

Architect your Business Card with our NYC Print Shop. CALL PUBLICIDE.

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Custom Business Cards + Commercial Printing

Letterpress, Offset, or Full Color digital, the experts at Publicide promise printing with sky-scraping results

Business Cards reach more people than any other form of Professional or Corporate Printing. Commanding attention and lending credit to your name + face, a business card is likely to get you the job + seal the deal. Publicide’s Specialty Services leave a lasting impression that tends to get the recipient calling back. Once you’re in the building, Presentation Folders, Letterhead Stationery, Envelopes, Marketing Books + Promo Printing will round out your print portfolio. For flawless renderings, we will print + bind Sketchbooks + Notebooks with translucent vellum papers, or pencil/ink-friendly Washi Paper from Japan. Whether you’re part of corporate firm or head your own freelance enterprise, the craftsmen at Publicide have your Printing covered.