Announcement and Invitations Custom Printing: Thank You Cards

Announcements, thank you cards and invitations are fun and creative jobs both for custom printing companies as well as the inviters, invitees and the thankers. Announcers and announced!

Publicide Inc. will specialize in custom letterpress printing and custom offset printing to suit all of your announcement needs… And we will thank you for the opportunity!

Custom printing of thank you cards nyc

This custom letterpress thank you card was pulled from the archives by Screen Queen because she loved it for its simple yet modern take on a recognition relay that looks as if it could have been doled out by the pony express.

The paper color is brown and has bits of pulp that appear, affecting texture and making a dynamic yet elegant statement. With black ink pressed into the cottony fibers, the end results in an astonishingly natural mega-neutrality! LIVE FOR THAT.

Nothing screams etiquette quite like a well thought out and delightfully designed thank you card! And and in these turbulent times, we personally, would like to shout our etiquette from the tops of concrete jungles. WE HAVE STYLE, WE HAVE GRACE, NYC GIVES GOOD FACE.

Custom invitations printing for NYC           Announcement and invitations custom printing nyc

With professional decorum and immaculate form in letterpress printing, Publicide Inc. manages wedding packages, business announcements. We provide paper ephemera to accompany all kinds of event productions from industry conventions to intimate liaisons.

These customary codes of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group, though seemingly something of the past, are alive and well here at Publicide Inc.

Ever evolving as a microcosmic culture here in NYC we at Publicide Inc. seek to RE-FINE our tastes over and over; In the seeming mundanity of a thank you card. An I’m sorry for your loss card. Imagine an invitation to a sparkly party in the hands of a friend we don’t know is down in the dumps… All kinds of invites, thank yous and congratulations, in and of themselves, can lift human spirits. After all, it’s civility we’re after, why not say it with a thoughtful, custom letterpress card?