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FAMOUS BOOK COVERS: Rock On Ancient Queen

Some light weekend reading. This mustard linen hardcover with 2 color foil spine is a total pleasure to hold.

Thanks to Grove Press for putting in the work back in 1974!


Laser Etched fish cartoon on shrunken goatskin leather book cover.

LETTERPRESS PRINTS: Blind Embossed Book Cover

Letterpress printed book cover, raised print with a 2 piece stamping due. Pressed in from the back and popped out the front with #blindemboss #embossed #typography #printing #letterpress

Book Cover Review: Gloss Studies in MARIPOLARAMA

HEADLINE IMAGE: NYC Custom Book Printing | Hardcover Books NYC | Full Color Printed Covering: Premium Digital Imaging Paper over Neenah Folding Board with Neon Offset Title+ Silk Gloss & […]

Monograph Book Cover Review: Dawn Mellor’s ‘The Conspirators’

Dawn Mellor, ‘Rose Dewitt Bukkater from Titanic (Kate Winslet)’, Pastel on Paper, 2010. Monograph Printing | Custom Book Printing NYC | Deep Dimensional Digital Color Printing on 80lb. Strathmore Superfine […]

Book Cover Review Vintage Edition: LASHER by Anne Rice

The Poolside isn’t complete without your Summer Reading.
Keeping with her tradition of serving up a sequel that outshines the forebears, Anne Rice continues the sage saga of the Mayfair Witches with Lasher. A sprawling, filthy-rich matriarchal clan of New Orleans […]

Book Cover Review: ‘Michael Jackson & Other Men’

We’re going berserk for books as usual.  Particularly the variety featuring swaths of high-opacity pigments that allow the viewer to slip away- somersaulting through time and space. In more direct words: Our […]

Book Cover Review: HOW TO Print a Hardcover Book For Your LIFE

Book Cover Review:
HOW TO Print a Hardcover Book For Your LIFE
As if the contents were not narcotic enough, the ultraluxe printing techniques used for the notoriously talented Cat Marnell’s memoir […]

Book Printing NYC: Custom High End Hardcovers + Stunning Softback Booklets

Open Up for Custom Book Printing
Publicide is happy to print your softcover books, booklets, programs and catalogs: all important facets of company or corporate business collateral. We’re equally comfortable creating press kits […]

Custom Printing: Book Printing


In the dead of NYC winter during Monday’s holiday, our hive minds turn to custom printing BOOK printing. Our minds get to wandering, imagining summer reading. Our custom […]

Specialty Printing: Custom Notebooks

The Publicide Inc Custom Notebooks department prints your custom notebooks to your exact specifications. You utilize your custom notebooks the way YOU see fit. Flex that muscle! Use your […]

Short Run Book Printing: Ranbir Singh Sidhu’s Object Lessons (in 12 Sides w/Afterglow

We at Publicide Inc. printed this novel/art book and we couldn’t be more delighted. Short run book printing is our amour du jour. Ranbir Singh Sidhu’s coming-of-age tale about a […]